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5 Mistakes No SEOs Should Ever Make

5 Mistakes No SEOs Should Ever Make

People look up almost everything on Google. Search engines like Google offer plenty of results against every search but most people visit the top results. SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy that gets you high organic rankings on search engines. Organic reach means the one that you get without paying for advertisements.

There are many things you have to take care of to optimize your site for rankings. For example, the loading time of your pages should be low. Not all customers have fast connections like you get with Spectrum Home Internet plans or the other dependable ISPs. It is a ranking factor linked to your site’s experience. Check out more SEO mistakes you should avoid in the following:

Outdated Content

Search engines aim to show a user the best result that answers the search query. Therefore, the chances of newer and updated content to rank are significantly higher. Therefore, old and outdated content is a no-no for any website.

Creating value-adding content and updating it from time to time helps you deliver the most updated and relevant information. Such content whether it is on your blog or service/product pages has a higher chance of being picked up by algorithms.

The process of content creation is a continuous one. You should write informational blogs better than your competitors and cover more things. Making different topics engaging and easy to consume is another thing you should focus on. Because you are writing content for algorithms alone but for real users.

Poor Loading Speeds and Uptime

Often when websites are hosted on poor hosting platforms, there are problems like low loading speeds and poor uptime. If a website takes forever to load, the visitors may close the tab and visit another website. Such a bad site experience negatively affects SEO.

Uptime is the time your website is accessible to the users on the web. The time a site is inaccessible is called downtime. It could be happening because of many reasons like server-side issues, some problems with the code, or poor maintenance. It is another negative signal for algorithms, and it also affects the customer experience.

So, you need to host your website on fast and dependable hosting servers.

Unresponsive Website Design

In the past, internet users used to have similar-sized screens on laptops and PCs. Today, there are hundreds of different screen sizes of different mobiles, tablets, and even consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Statistically, more users now visit websites from mobile devices compared to PCs. Therefore, neglecting the user experience for mobile visitors is equal to hindering your site’s opportunities to rank and convert.

A website design that adjusts to all screen sizes is called responsive in web development terms. The size of icons, the placement of the search bar, and other elements of a website automatically adjust on mobile devices. Websites with responsive designs are more future-ready, conversion-friendly, and optimized for SEO.

Bad User Experience

Apart from loading speeds, uptime, and responsiveness of a web design, many other elements account for user experience. For example, the resolution and size of images should be suitable for the site. Also, the content length, placement, and call-to-action buttons are some other elements of the page.

All such elements function perfectly to create a solid site experience. In addition, your website design should be engaging. But you also have to follow design standards to make your site easier to browse. Ensuring a solid visitor experience will benefit your site with better retention and SEO-friendliness.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in search engine optimization is targeting the wrong audience. All your efforts from keyword research, content curation, and link-building strategies can go to waste. For example, if you are dealing in soap packaging solutions, targeting customers looking for soaps won’t do you much good. Even if you get a ranking, customers won’t find what they are looking for.

It is because the ideal target audience for soap packaging is of soap makers. Working on keywords that match the search intent like wholesale soap packaging is more likely to attract a relevant audience. You will have a higher chance of conversions and getting an overall better return on your SEO efforts.

This is a simplified example, but it shows how your whole SEO strategy can suffer by making this small mistake.


So, these are the 5 SEO mistakes you should be wary of. Building and maintaining a healthy website, optimizing the user experience, creating content, and targeting the right audience can eventually get your site top spots on search rankings.

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