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Bali Travel Guide

Bali Travel Guide

Bali Indonesia is a travel paradise for luxury lovers and budget backpackers alike. There is something for everyone. Adventure lovers in Bali will have easy access to waterfalls, jungles, cliffs, volcanoes and more. Or, if you’re the more laid-back type, Bali has beaches, temples and rice terraces for you, along with an endless supply of good restaurants and massages. If any of this sounds good, then you will love Bali and its people. Read this complete Bali travel guide for more information on what to expect.

Where is Bali?

Bali is a small island located in the country of Indonesia. Consisting of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is surrounded by Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Australia. Bali is a relatively small island located to the right of Java, the 5th largest island in Indonesia.


Bali is a tropical island, so the weather is hot and humid all year round. It has a rainy season that lasts from November to April and a dry season that lasts from April to November. It is still very possible to visit Bali during the rainy season, but allow a few days if the weather is bad. The best time to visit Bali depends on what you are looking for. The best weather is during the dry season when it is generally sunny and windy. However, Bali is less crowded during the wet season and the rain is mostly in the evening or at night, so it’s usually not too disruptive.


Bali is a very safe place to travel. Violent crimes are rare and murders are almost unheard of. Getting your phone out of your car happens from time to time, so be sure to put your phone down when you’re driving by a busy road with motorbikes passing by. The biggest safety risks in Bali and Indonesia are probably motorcycle accidents and natural hazards.

How do Get There?

This is the question one might ponder because it is not possible for everyone to travel on their own, especially those who are visiting the place for the first time. So, for this purpose, people look for travel companies or travel agents to plan their visits according to their budgets. But the problem here is that in today’s era there are a lot of scams and human trafficking in the name of travelling companies. So, people got more conscious of this issue. So, if you are looking for a legitimate travel company, visit this website and get to know more about us and our services. MVP travel company offers a wide range of services for their customers including booking flights, hotels, rental cars and bikes and many more.

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