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Dokido – The Self-Propelling Longboard Skateboard Reimagined

Longboarding is one of the most adored outdoor activities by people of all ages because of the high level of fun it provides. Cruising around in an excellent longboard is not only exciting but also comes with unique health benefits.  However, to ensure superb stability, controllability, and comfort, it’s essential to equip yourself with a longboard brand that you can trust. The Dokido longboard is considered the king of all longboard brands for many reasons.

The self-propelling longboard uses a patent-pending Saucerang System to propel the board forward. It also features a unique, singular rear wheel which allows riders to rock back and forth to get moving. Apart from being fun to ride, Dokido offers a simple workout that tones various parts of the body. The longboard is packed with many superior features making it an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of users, including beginners, kids, sports enthusiasts, gym owners, professional riders, and many others. If you want to give cruising a try without breaking the bank, the Dokido longboard should be your ultimate choice.

Key features

Weight shifting technology

Unlike traditional longboards which are propelled forward by pushing feet on the ground, Dokido utilizes weight shifting technology to push the board forward. With this feature, riders can have complete control over the board and be able to move uphill effortlessly.

Sturdy construction

Dokido is made of eight layers of high-quality bamboo and one carbon fiber bottom layer to ensure extra strength, outstanding performance, and durability. For purposes of safety, the board is fitted with side bumpers that stop the wheel when the board tilts to the side.

Easy to use

With its unique Saucerang System, riders can easily propel the Dokido longboard forward through a dance-like movement. Its unique wheel design ensures users have absolute control over the board hence reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, if you’re a beginner asking for a controllable and safe longboard, Dokido is worth a look.


The Dokido longboard is an eco-friendly product as it is constructed from sustainably harvested bamboo and contains several recyclable parts.

The board is available in a variety of different styles, colors, and shades, so you’ll have no problem finding a board that matches your personal preferences.



Prone to wheel bite on extremely rough terrains

Overall, the Dokido longboard is a well-built, reliable, and reasonably-priced longboard that offers an exciting way to work out and enjoy life at the same time.  Whether you’re looking for fun or seeking to lose weight, your individual needs can be met by this incredible masterpiece. Moreover, the board is perfect for riding both indoors and outdoors. If you are planning to gift your loved one something unique and enchanting, then the Dokido longboard is an excellent choice.

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