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Enjoy a Hop-on-Hop-off Open-Top London Bus Tour

London Bus Tour

London Bus Tour

The London hop-on-hop-off bus tours offer you a great deal of flexibility that allows you to explore the many wonderful tourist attractions that London has to offer, but in a relaxed and enjoyable way at a pace that suits you!

There are many different tours on offer with designated stops along the way that allow you to get off the bus as many times as you wish. The bus doesn’t wait for you or is in any way the same as taking an organised bus tour to just one destination.

Instead, there are a number of buses that operate on the route and you get the chance to hop off one bus at a stop of your choice to take in a place that you have always wanted to see, and once you have fully explored that place to your heart’s content, you simply wait until the next bus on the tour comes along before hopping aboard to continue the tour.

You can do this as many times as you like along the tour and most of the routes taken offer multiple designated stops, so you will truly be spoiled for choice about what you want to see. We find that taking just one London bus tour often isn’t enough to truly take in all the sights to see and things to do in London.

Booking with Happy Tourist

If you would like to take an open-top London bus tour, then we would strongly recommend that you book this through our team at Happy Tourist. This is especially useful if your English isn’t too good as there are selected tours that offer Hindi Audio Commentary and by booking through us we can make sure you get to travel on the selected routes that use Hindi audio commentary.

Whether you want to stay on the bus and get the full scenic tour of London from a comfortable viewpoint, or you fancy hopping off to enjoy some quiet time and a spot of lunch in Hyde Park, you can feel confident that you will know where you can pick up your bus tour again when you are ready to hop back on the bus.

What you can experience on your tour

There are plenty of opportunities to stop off somewhere to explore by foot, so you can hop off the bus and go window shopping along some famous streets and visit top-end stores, such as Harrods.

You can enjoy taking a slow and steady spin on the London Eye and marvel at the fantastic view of the impressive London skyline. Take a stroll along the River Thames and even take to the water on one of the popular River Thames cruises.

By booking a London bus tour you will get the chance to be close to all of the main attractions and favourite places that tourists flock to the city to see each year.

Hindi audio commentary

Taking a hop-on, hop-off London bus tour you can immerse yourself in the city’s very rich 2000-year history and learn about the most famous landmarks that the city is well known for.

If you fancy hopping off the bus to get close to one of the many iconic monuments or beautiful areas of London, your tour will make it easy for you. There may even be a few surprises along the way that you didn’t know of and your bus tour will give you the perfect opportunity to stop off and find out more.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Happy Tourist for help booking your open-top London bus tour. We are here to help!

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