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Heart of Europe: Dubai’s European Paradise

Heart of Europe: Dubai’s European Paradise

While Dubai is no stranger to luxury, Heart of Europe elevates it to a new level. It is a magnificent archipelago that captures the essence and romance of Europe, tailored for those seeking distinction, privacy, and unparalleled recreation. It consists of an exquisite collection of islands, each embodying the unique flavor of a European nation. Designed by the visionary Kleindienst Group, The Heart of Europe Dubai presents a mosaic of options, from 5-star to 7-star hotels, suites, villas, and even palaces. It is a place where you will find an elevated European home with all the features you desire with unexpected prices near the coast of Dubai; can you imagine that?

Discover Heart of Europe’s Treasures

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey across a mesmerizing European panorama, right from Germany’s Bauhaus brilliance to the romantic whispers of St. Petersburg Island. Be it the beckoning tranquility of Switzerland Island or the aquatic allure of Venice Island, every corner in The Heart of Europe Dubai holds a unique tale. Ready to embark on this continental voyage, without leaving the golden sands of Dubai?

Germany Island: European Splendor in Dubai

Amidst the luxurious offerings in Heart of Europe Dubai, Germany Island shines as a beacon of modern opulence with a European touch. Its villas for sale, echoing Bauhaus architectural style, vary between 796 and 853 m2 and offer a mesmerizing blend of private beach and serene lake views. Each villa in Germany Island at The Heart of Europe boasts 4 to 5 bedrooms and a variety of amenities like private beaches, lush gardens, and enticing swimming pools, making them perfect for those seeking an ideal holiday home.

The Exquisite Portofino Hotel in Italy

In Heart of Europe, Portofino Hotel, embodying Italian splendor, is tailor-made for families, blending classic Italian design with unparalleled luxury. It boasts 463 opulent suites designed for families and offers extensive aquatic facilities, including 514 water pools, 5 distinct swimming pools, a spa, and exclusive women’s gyms. The hotel’s prices in The Heart of Europe Dubai, starting from 2,680,000 EGP, resonate with the upscale experience it promises.

Sweden Island: A Maldivian Dream in Dubai’s Heart

Nestled on the beachfront, you will also find Sweden Island within The Heart of Europe Dubai, offering a touch of Maldivian paradise. These 10 majestic mansions, inspired by Swedish Viking ships, sprawl up to 2,015 m2, offering exclusivity and opulence. The interiors, adorned with Bentley furnishings, encompass up to 7 lavish bedrooms. A personal sauna, ballroom, ice room, and swimming pool complete the luxurious experience, with panoramic views of the beach from expansive glazed windows.

Côte d’Azur Resort: French Riviera’s Echo in Dubai

At The Heart of Europe Dubai lies Côte d’Azur Resort, a seamless blend of the French Riviera’s charm and Dubai’s modern luxury. The boutique hotels, brimming with 4 and 5-star opulence, mirror iconic French locales, from Monaco’s grandeur to the beachy vibes of St. Tropez. Each establishment houses 250 super-lux rooms with spaces starting from 45 m2, enveloped by a variety of amenities, including gyms, spas, snow rooms, and a lush tropical rainforest.

The Floating Seahorse Villas Resort: An Aquatic Utopia

A dream for marine enthusiasts, The Floating Seahorse Villas Resort in Heart of Europe by Kleindienst Group offers an unprecedented undersea living experience. These pioneering underwater villas for sale feature bedrooms submerged in aquatic beauty, sun-kissed terraces, and Jacuzzis with views of mesmerizing coral gardens. Each villa, stretching over 371 m2, guarantees durability with a 100-year warranty, complemented by an outdoor food court to satiate gourmet cravings.

Prices Challenging Expectations

That’s not all what Heart of Europe Dubai presents; there are more tales to explore yourself. Now, let’s move to the prices offered by Kleindienst Group. You get to buy your favorite unit in The Heart of Europe with premium total prices starting from 1,700,000 AED, as a result of the ideal price per foot of units for sale. Furthermore, Kleindienst Group allows you to book units with a 30% down payment, followed by another 30% construction, and the remaining 40% will be paid upon the delivery of units in The Heart of Europe Dubai.

In conclusion, Heart of Europe by Kleindienst Group isn’t just a real estate project; it’s a dream realized. For those looking to buy a slice of European charm in the heart of Dubai, with flexible installments and competitive prices, this archipelago offers an investment like no other. Whether you’re booking a stay or investing for the future, The Heart of Europe ensures your place in Dubai’s glittering skyline.

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