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How To Help A Person With Depression?

How To Help A Person With Depression?

What are the symptoms of depression? Most people have a stereotypical image of a tearful and whining person before their eyes, but in fact the sick retreat into themselves, cut them off from the workforce, and little can be read from their faces.

There are uncontrolled and incomprehensible outbursts of aggression towards people with whom he has always been in good contact. Depression at work can be seen! Although it will not be easy in every case.

Often, employees suffering from masked depression seem to be an example of health, because their problem lies even deeper and they negate it themselves, pretending to be happy when their body and psyche communicate something completely different to them. Therefore, if you find that one of your colleagues seems to be depressed at work, don’t hesitate to suggest a warm conversation, during which you will suggest a visit to a specialist.

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People with depression at work often suffer from various diseases and visit their doctor more and more often complaining of migraines, abdominal pain, backache, without even suspecting depression! At work, they make more mistakes than usual and act slower. What did not challenge them in the past fills them with fear today. Unfortunately, a person suffering from depression can negatively affect the work of the entire team. And this only makes the sick people feel worse.

They live in constant fear. They may have thoughts of suicide, which at first sound very innocent, e.g. I’m tired of work and life, my life is pointless and sterile, or I have no motivation to live.

How Can I Deal With Depression?

Depression always requires the help of specialists – a psychologist and psychiatrist. It cannot be underestimated, as the consequences of such neglect can even lead to suicide. The sooner you react to disturbing symptoms in yourself or a coworker, the better. Untreated depression develops just like any other disease.

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How Can I Deal With Depression? Can it be prevented? First of all, don’t be forced into a toxic environment. No job is worth losing your health. Sometimes it’s better to leave, look for another company or change the industry than to beat your head against the wall of powerlessness. Just start browsing job offers every day and you will quickly find something for yourself!

You can always sign up for a course, postgraduate studies or post-secondary school that will help you expand your competences and feel more confident in the employment market.

Do you suspect that your colleague or colleague is depressed? Offer an honest and discreet conversation, and then advise a consultation with a specialist. Do not be indifferent!

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