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How To Spend A Holiday In Croatia?


Croatia is a fantastic destination to visit. You’ll find beautiful cobblestone streets, stunning old towns, museums, luxurious villas and multiple art galleries. Likewise, you’ll get an amazing culinary and shopping experience in Croatia. This country has many UNESCO Heritage Sites, ancient stone buildings, and numerous pebble beaches. Set up on the Adriatic sea, the Croatian elaphite islands half day tour offer exciting opportunities for divers and windsurfers alike. The perfect Mediterranean temperature makes it an ideal destination to relax and enjoy. But how to spend a holiday in Croatia to make it memorable? Let’s read and find out.

Five ways to spend a holiday in Croatia.

Marvel around Dubrovnik, the old Town

The Game of Thrones sets will remind you about this beautiful old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia. You’ll discover hidden alleyways and red-roofed buildings as you marvel around. In addition to that, you’ll find tons of heritage sites. Visit the old town and marvel around to spend a holiday in Croatia.

Visit Split

The historic city of Split, Croatia, will remind you about the Roman empire. As you marvel around, you’ll travel back to the second century when the Greeks settled over here. There are so many historical sites to discover in Split. Better use rentals cars to explore the city. Rent a Car, and Croatia is a popular choice among tourists visiting this country, but book in advance.

Visit Zagreb to see mount Medvednica

Medvednica is a beautiful mountain in Zagreb. A short thirty minutes drive will take you to this location. Therefore, you should have your arrangements, and rental cars are best for this. Look around for cheap car rentals in Croatia and rent a car to explore this beautiful city. You can can compare prices here: There is many car rental companions in Croatia and prices are usually low.

Enjoy Hiking

In Croatia, you’ll find several national parks, which are UNESCO heritage sites too. There are opportunities for you to hike on top and enjoy gorgeous views. Make sure you visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the best among them.

Frozen Waterfalls

We’ve seen gushing waterfalls from heights, have you seen any frozen waterfalls? It is possible to see in Croatia during the winter. This beautiful waterfall is located in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. If you’re traveling to Croatia this winter, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this magnificent natural site.

These are our inspiring ways to spend a holiday in Croatia; what about you?

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