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How to Travel to Egypt in 2021 – Best Egypt Travel Guide


There are so many treasures that exist in the majestic Land of Pharaohs and so many history books, movies, and narrators have mentioned how amazing it is to get the chance to be in a wonderful country like Egypt and to spend several tours with the ones you love during your vacations. Egypt is pleased with so many ancient monuments that attract travelers from all around the world and you can visit so many destinations even if you have a short time to spend in Egypt.

The best way to have a perfect trip, accommodation, transfers, etc in Egypt is to book with a professional travel agency and if you want our opinion, we will highly recommend “Egypt Trips” since they have a long experience in the field of tourism and that they have the most professional team in all of the Egyptian spots. There are also some important things to consider while planning a vacation in Egypt and here is your guide for a majestic well-organized tour in Egypt:

Best Places to Visit in Egypt in 2021

You should definitely have a guide towards the most interesting tourist attractions in Egypt in order not to waste your time touring at undesirable places and miss the great attractions that must be visited and that is why you need to check very closely the best Egypt vacations 2021 that can be arranged in such a great country and you will find below a collection to the most fantasy sites and preferable landmarks in Egypt to visit during your vacation:

The first thing you need to enjoy in Egypt is having a visit to the modern capital of Egypt that is called Cairo city and if you want the truth, it has inside all of the great majestic ancient attractions and among the most of them are Giza Pyramids, the Mythical Sphinx of Giza, the captivating Saqqara Step Pyramid, the gorgeous Museum in Cairo of Antiques, and a collection of the biggest and the most adorable religious sightseeing for both the Islamic & Coptic sites including Mohamed Ali Mosque, The Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, and after that you should head to Khan El-Khalili Bazaar to have the amazing shopping tour you deserve in Egypt.

In order to check some of the breathtaking temples and royal Pharaonic tombs, you will need to have a visit to Upper Egypt towards Luxor & Aswan where there are some majestic tourist attractions that are ready to welcome you whenever you want and among the best places to visit in Luxor, there are Karnak Temples, Luxor Temple at Night, the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Hatshepsut Temple, the Valley of the Queens Dendera, & Abydos Temples. Then, you can move towards Aswan city where there are extra fascinating attractions and sites to enjoy with including The High Dam, Philae Temple, The Unfinished Obelisk, The Nubian Village, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Abu Simbel Temples.

Have a visit to the glorious Alexandria city that contains many more interesting sites besides being one of the most interesting coastal cities in Egypt. While spending a day tour there, you will have the best opportunity to visit the Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa, Pompey’s Pillar, Alexandria Library, and the hypnotic Qaitbay Citadel.

Enjoy a recreational tour while sitting on one of the captivating coastal beaches of the Red Sea like the charming ones in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, El-Gouna, or Marsa Alam and there, we can say that you will spend the best time ever while receiving the best treatment, the most magical time while doing some water sports, and most importantly. You will explore a great number of sea creatures and coral reefs so it is definitely one of the best tours to be arranged in Egypt. We recommended enjoying Hurghada to have the most relaxed and interesting vacation ever and Hurghada travel guide able you know more about the great things to do, best accommodations, and the amazing places to visit from Hurghada.

The Best Time to Visit Egypt in 2021

Each season in Egypt is suitable for having specific tours as weather differs greatly from a season to another and your choice for the timing of your arrival should be definitely based on the types of tours & activities you want to have. For example, the summer season matches a lot heading to the beach and enjoying a fabulous sunbathing tour. Summer begins from May until the end of October and temperature in the south especially in Aswan & Luxor reaches 45°C during the day but in Cairo, it gets around 35°C.

If you are looking for a more pleasant time to have an unforgettable Nile Cruise experience between Luxor & Aswan and also to have the best historical tour around Egypt’s great archeological sites & monuments, then you should consider planning a vacation between March & May during spring or between September & November during autumn. Temperatures during those seasons are very cool and their average is about 22°C during the daytime. During the winter season, you will find that it is the peaked season with tourists in Egypt because the majority of travelers want to spend their Christmas vacation there due to the amazing weather that sometimes gets cold at night and with the availability to do all of the desirable tours & activities except for the Red Sea coastal beaches that aren’t much recommended in cold weather just like snorkeling & diving. You can read more about the best time for the Nile cruises 2021.

Best Accommodations in Egypt

Travelers who come to Egypt always find their targeted accommodation choice as Egypt is rich with all types of hotels, resorts, and Nile Cruises that offer all type of accommodation from 3* up to 5* high luxury options, and travelers can choose the type they prefer based on the destinations they are visiting, the timing of their tour, the number of nights they are going to spend, and of course each traveler’s budget that affects the choice of any accommodation in Egypt.

It is highly recommended in Egypt to choose between the standard 5* options and the 5* luxury ones as both 3* & 4* options aren’t suitable for Egypt’s guests at all and they aren’t similar to what you can find abroad so keep an eye on the 5* and the 5* luxury options and book with a good travel agency that can get a good price for you based on its contract with those hotels.

Famous Airports in Egypt

Egypt has 11 airports in its different cities where there are schedules flights for domestic & international flights. The biggest one of them is Cairo Airport that operates flights in more than 50 different countries to an average of 92 destinations. Here is a list of the most famous airports in Egypt:

And after knowing the main airports in Egypt, you should also know the main airlines:

General Egypt Travel Tips

There are some essential things to keep in mind while planning a vacation in Egypt in order to avoid any problems while planning, during your vacation, or even after it, and here are the major things to consider in the planning process for an Egypt vacation:

  1. Shukran “Thank you”
  2. Afwan “You are Welcome”
  3. Aywa “Yes”
  4. Bi Kam De “How much is this?”
  5. Momken “I would like…”
  6. Ana Mish Fahim “I don’t understand”
  7. Em’shee “Go away”.

To sum all of what has been mentioned up within our article, we would like to assure that having a vacation in Egypt is something that really worth the paid effort and you really need to get assistance from the professional ones to get back home with so many amazing memories and the best stories to narrate to your family & friends so start preparing for an absolutely terrific adventure and head in a gorgeous tour in the land of magic & culture.

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