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Living On A Boat In Winter

Living On A Boat In Winter

Winter is coming. It is a time when most people cosy up in their houses waiting for it to be over. However, there are people whose dream it is to live aboard year-round and who do not find the challenges of living on a boat in winter any more demanding than living aboard in the peak summer season.

It is a common belief that boats and winter don’t go hand in hand. For most people, winter means the end of the boating season. But is it really like that? Boaters find the adventure and joy of life aboard outside the boating season well worth the winter challenges.

Tips For Winter Life Aboard

We all know that summer is normally an idyllic time to spend your time aboard. You can enjoy the summer breeze, go for a swim or spend your nights stargazing. In cold weather, it all changes. It is a bit chilly, there is ice sticking to your decks and life aboard becomes a bit more difficult. However, all the challenges are outgrown by the advantages of living aboard. Living on a boat all year round offers breathtaking views at an extremely affordable price.

When living aboard it is very important to have de-icers and heaters to stay warm even during this toasty season. De-icers will keep the ice from forming around the boat and on the surface, which is very important. Also, it is very important to have very warm clothes, which could be demanding when living in such a small space. However, living aboard is a great way to teach you to downsize and appreciate the things that you have.

The key to living aboard in winter is to find a marina that accepts liveaboards on the docks. The advantage of living on a boat is also having a somewhat nomadic life. So, if you do not like one marina, you are free to take to the sea and move to another destination. Boaters find it very important to take their boats out regularly, saying that it helps them lift their spirits during harder times.

Other Ways To Spend Your Time Aboard In Winter

For those who enjoy the sea and spending time aboard outside the boating season, but do not yet have the courage to take on the challenges of life on their own boat during the whole year, there are many other possibilities. One of the possibilities is to take a winter cruise or charter a boat if you do not own one. Some agencies offer various cruising opportunities and one of the best in the field is definitely Sebastus sailing.

Cruising in winter offers many advantages compared to cruising in summer. Prices are much more affordable, there are fewer crowds onboard, and cruising to tropical destinations means milder weather conditions. If you would like to experience life aboard similar to those of boaters, you can even charter your own yacht or a boat, which offers you peace and the opportunity to value the quiet.

There is great resilience and dedication needed to spend your winters aboard. However, those who really love the sea do not find it difficult at all. They have chosen life aboard, as well as the fun and challenges that accompany both the summer and winter seasons.

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