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Olight Ostation Portable Power Station Review

Olight Ostation Portable Power Station Review

The OSTATION is a portable backup power station with a big 230.88Wh capacity. The side of the unit features 1 Type-C, 1 AC outlet, 3 USB-A ports, PD ports, and 1 DC car cigarette lighter socket. The AC outlet offers stable high output, powerful enough to power a mini refrigerator or your TV. The USB and other ports can simply charge your cell phone or tablet. With the added AC adapter, the OSTATION can be completely charged in about six hours. You can also charge it with a solar panel or a PD USB power source. Though its body is made of aluminium alloy, this power station weighs just 3.26kg and can be simply carried out around single hand using the soft TPU handle.


Big capacity: The 230.88Wh capacity gives multiple charges to virtually any mobile device including cell phone, laptops, cameras, projectors, flashlights, and much more.

Quick charging: Can be completely charged in six hours and supports quick charging for your devices that are compatible with PD protocols.

Portable design: With a weight of 3.26kg and little more than a volleyball, the OSTATION is simple to carry around with the relaxed TPU handle.

Stable power supply: The built-in AC wallet outlet uses a real sine wave interferer, decreasing audible and electrical noise in lights, fans, TVs, speakers, and other sensitive appliances that you power with the OSTATION.

Advantages Of Ostation Portable Power Station

Your Outdoor Power Source

Ostation portable power station can be the power source of your electrical gadgets when you are outdoors for camping with your smartphone, cooking equipment, laptop computer, table pad, camera light, camera, portable fridge and so on. Portable power station can power high devices up to 4000W. It is so simple that you just plug them onto the AC outlet of a portable power station.

With portable power stations, you can fulfill your outdoor job without hesitating about power problems. For example, when you are working on your farms where some tools will need AC power. Just plug your tools onto a portable power station and get your work done.

Zero Carbon Emission

Portable power station is also known as a portable solar generator. Portable power station is also charged with solar power energy.  It has zero carbon emissions and very clean power. In other words, you can still recharge your portable power station when you are outdoors for a long time.

Portable power stations are cleaner substitutes as they drive their power from steam turbines or water, sunlight, or lithium batteries. This way, there is no environmental issue while providing portable power to any appliances that need it.

Additional, portable power stations are nowhere near as loud as gas generators. Since they are made to be used indoors, they emit no smoke and work without any issue.

Streamlined And Compact Design

What makes a power station portable is its weight and size. Most portable power stations weigh somewhere between 40 to 80 pounds, which means you can carry them around with ease but also save it away in your vehicle or garage when not in use.

Their small size and compact design are what makes them preferable over battery-run generators. These portable power stations are generally the size of a little drink cooler or microwave, making them the best size to take with you on a road trip.

Additionally, they come with a streamlined design to make it simple for you to operate. For example, most portable power stations feature a battery meter, so you can simply find out how much battery is left in the power station and how long you can use it.

Big Range Of Uses

The excellent part about Ostation portable power stations is their portability permits you to use them for anything, anywhere. One of the key uses of a portable power station is to charge or run home appliances such as microwaves, fridges, washing machines and others.

This way, you can make sure that your daily activities don’t halt during a power outage and that the food in your fridge does not go bad. Other than that, you can use portable power stations in workplaces such as hospitals, offices, or construction places.

In an office, a portable power bank would help printers, power copiers, computers, servers, fax machines and projectors. Meanwhile, a hospital would benefit from a portable power station powering essential medical devices.

At a construction place, a power station can help power electric drills and other important tools. Further, power bank portability makes it simple to use in any atmosphere. You can just fit it into your vehicle trunk and take it on your next camping tour.

Reliable Power Source And Lightweight Feel

Although portable power stations are little and simple to carry, that does not speak of their power. Most of these portable power stations are powerful and more reliable than they appear, being capable to power multiple big appliances at a time.

You can even find portable power stations that give a maximum of 20,000 watts. That means you can use them to power your essential appliances for a few days in case of a surprise power outage.

Additionally, they are rechargeable. As long as you keep your portable power bank complexly charged. It is going to come in handy a lot more than you guess. You will never have to hesitate about your essentials being out of power again.

Pick A Portable Power Station You Can Trust

Now that you are aware of all the devices an Ostation portable station can power and how amazing it can be, you are all set to get your hands on a suitable power bank. A versatile power gadget that jobs without emitting any fumes and is simple to charge can easily solve most of your daily issues.

Whether it is a full blackout on you is on the go, these power stations actually end up helping you in the long run. Anyway, you must consider that these rechargeable batteries come with various advantages and capabilities. Some have an extended runtime, and others may come with a solar panel.

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