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Welcome bonus: Free spins

Welcome bonus: Free spins

Another type of welcome bonus commonly seen at the various casinos on the market is a welcome bonus that gives you x number of free spins, either for free use at the casino’s various slot games, or for a specific slot machine.

For the free spins you are awarded can be used exclusively on just the slot machines, and is therefore not for free use as is the case with the cash casino Deposit Bonus. The size of your free spins welcome bonus varies far and wide. You can get anything, ranging from a handful of spins to a few hundred. It all depends on which casino you choose and to what extent the casino in question focuses on the slot machines in their game range.

Welcome Bonus: Cash and Free Spins

Are you the indecisive type? Or do you enjoy both classic, free cricket bet tip games like blackjack and poker, while enjoying playing on slots online? Then you can advantageously aim for a welcome bonus, which gives you both cold cash and free spins! In this way you get the best of two worlds, and have both ample to use your free bonus funds on slots and table games. Many casinos offer this cocktail, which mixed free spins and free casino money respectively, so if you look around a bit, you should be able to find a casino that offers you a rewarding welcome bonus with both free spins and money.

The – perhaps-most after form of casino welcome bonus, is the bonus code no deposit. Here, as the name suggests, you don’t have to pay anything to get access to the bonus. You can thus reap some free casino money completely without pulling a single, red shrimp up your pocket. And it must be said to be advantageous! This way you can play money games online, and maybe even run off with a good win, without having any bets up for grabs at all. However, it must be specified that casino bonus codes without Deposit do not offer as large sums as casino deposit bonuses, for example. So, you should not expect to be able to collect several thousand kroner for free, no, you have to downgrade the expectations to the amount a bit. But in return, it is – in the counterpart to the classic Deposit Bonus – 100% free to access the money. You can hardly ask for more, can you?

Casino bonus codes are extremely sought after, but they are unfortunately just as rare as they are popular. So you have to get started with the detective work, and start the tracing work, if you want to find you a good and attractive welcome bonus in the form of a casino bonus code no deposit. Of course, you should not be cheated for a generous and generous welcome bonus if betting on sports and events you prefer. For the various bookmakers and betting sites are at least as well in the swing in terms of welcome bonuses as online casinos are. Here you can partly get cash bonuses, IE free casino money that you can use to make your bets. But not only that, the betting industry actually has its very own kind of bonus, namely freebets.

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