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Where and What to Eat in Manchester

Where and What to Eat in Manchester

Manchester serves not only an indispensable variant for those who prefer to go sightseeing or visit different botanical gardens or parks, but is also suitable for people who like tasty food! Manchester offers a wide choice of restaurants and cafes which have many types of dishes that you will certainly like. Although Great Britain is not a cheap country and the prices sometimes bite! Even the most run-of-the-mill breakfast may cost you an arm and a leg and if you decide to go to the restaurant somewhere in the downtown of Manchester – the words are superfluous! Sometimes people turn to Green Motion Manchester airport, because thanks to this option you can freely move between the desired places and won’t have a need to always call a taxi or use public transport. Choose only your comfort and don’t save money when it comes to food!


If you happen to be in the North of Manchester with a car hire Manchester and have some free time – you should definitely visit such a themed cafe as Common. There is always a convivial and relaxing atmosphere at any part of a day. It is impossible to clearly decide which dishes are served here. Among the most popular of them, we would like to single out the following:

Indeed, this is not a complete list of what is available in this place. There are also many Italian dishes, such as pasta or pizza, and in addition, Latin American dishes, such as churros or tortillas. As for drinks, here you can order anything you want: alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, beer, wine, tinctures and much more. If you can’t decide on a choice, you can ask the waiter, who will be able to recommend both a dish and a drink. The prices in this cafe are unusually democratic for Manchester, so even if you are on a tight budget, you should still come here.


Another marvelous place in Manchester is the well-known Gorilla. Thanks not only to its name, but also to the delicious dishes, this place welcomes visitors who love to eat well. The menu here varies depending on the part of the day, because in the morning (until 12 o’clock) a full English breakfast is served here, which consists of fried sausages, cheese, fried eggs, toast and jam.

When lunch comes, the menu gets bigger and beckons with its appetizing names. From 12 noon until the evening, you can order such dishes as, for example, kebabs, meat steaks, grilled fish, various salads, bruschettas and much more. Due to its extraordinary and outrageousness, this cafe will especially appeal to young people. There are cozy bean bag chairs, bar counters and a wide terrace, where there are always seats. In addition, there is a large bar menu where different cocktails are prepared, such as “Bloody Mary“, “Blue Lagoon” and many others, so if you plan to come soon and will be driving Manchester cars for hire, you should choose non-alcoholic drinks, which there are also many.

This & That

This & That is probably one of the best cafes in Manchester where you can enjoy all kinds of Asian cuisine. From chicken in sweet and sour sauce and Peking duck to fried grubs, this place is sure to surprise you. For just 5 pounds, you can have a real Asian feast, where you will try many variations of dishes and drinks. The food in this place is extremely appetizing, because it is prepared according to old Asian recipes and the taste remains unique. In addition, you will be given at least 5 different sauces with which you can experiment. In order to get here, you should use the “UK hire a car” option. If you want to use this service, managers from the car rental company will help you choose the most suitable option and advise you.

Almost Famous

The next establishment for your attention is Almost Famous. From is known for serving the tastiest burgers in all of Manchester. There is a whole variety of them here: with pork, veal, beef, chicken and even fish! You can even make your own unique burger by choosing a topping. Burgers are always served here with fries, which makes eating even tastier! However, if you are not a big fan of burgers and all that comes with it, you can order yourself ribs in cranberry sauce, chicken legs with a fried crust and much more.


Manchester offers a big choice of places to eat. Everyone will find the most suitable variant for them, whether it will be Asian cuisine, American or British. If you are interested in all of them – you may rent a car and organize a gastro tour around the most prominent cafes and restaurants in Manchester.

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