11 Tips For Getting the Billigste Leiebil i Stavanger

11 Tips For Getting the Billigste Leiebil i Stavanger

Getting a good bargain when traveling makes us rather happy, be it a bargain on our flight or on our accommodation. Ideally, we’ll get a bargain on both of those things, and then one more. Car rental. You’ve probably heard stories of people finding cheap rental solutions, and then you’ve also heard those complaining about the overall costs of the service they received, and that made you wonder. What is it that those people have done differently? And, more importantly, what is it you can do to be in the first group, i.e. in the group of those individuals who were pretty happy with the cost of their leiebil services?

Well, taking the correct steps and being careful is necessary here, because going about it recklessly and without putting too much thought into it all is bound to lead you to certain mistakes, thus resulting in regretting getting these services in the first place. If, for instance, you’re visiting Stavanger in Norway, getting the perfect leiebil Stavanger services will have a huge impact on the overall experience of your stay there, whether you’re going for work or for fun. Not being happy with your rental car, or with the cost of it, can put a damp on the entire experience, making you wonder what you’ve done wrong and what you could have done better to ensure lower costs and a better overall experience.

Not doing anything wrong, on the other hand, will leave you completely happy with the services you’ve received, and, most importantly, you won’t spend a small fortune on renting a vehicle. Thus, naturally, learning how to do this correctly is a must, and you’ll get some useful tips on it below. Reading through those, remembering them and then using them during your process of making rental car arrangements will make your stay in Stavanger that much more enjoyable, as you’ll be happy with the leiebil services you’ll get. So, let us share those tips now.


1. Avoid Airport Rentals

Airport rentals, as convenient as they are, tend to also be quite expensive. You pay a price for the convenience of getting your car the moment you arrive to Stavanger, but ask yourself one thing. Is it really worth it? Paying a much higher price than the one you’d pay if you rented somewhere away from the airport is not always the smartest move, so if you’re looking to save money, avoiding this is the best way to go. Searching for a company in advance and making arrangements before you arrive at the airport will help you avoid this scenario, because if you arrive without having a car waiting for you somewhere, you’re bound to be tempted to rent right there and then, i.e. at the airport, and thus pay those larger fees.

2. Start Searching Through Useful Sites

Searching for those companies before arriving to Stavanger is, of course, the best move, as you’ll get familiar with different ones, and thus with the different fees they’ll offer you. Not understanding how to search for those, however, will have you quite confused and wondering what you can do to find the best options. Fortunately, there are websites that can help you, useful websites created for the purpose of helping you compare the companies and their offers in just a few minutes. Inputting the dates of your arrival and your departure, as well as the pick-up location will help these websites comb through all the options and present you with the best ones in no time, allowing you, thus, to easily find the billigste leiebil solution for you.

Here are some more tips on how to rent cheaply: https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/finance/find-cheap-car-rental

3. Change Your Schedule If Flexible

Speaking of those dates of arrival and departure, you may want to shift your schedule around a little bit if it’s flexible and if it suits you. Why would you do that? Simple. Weekend fees tend to be larger than weekday ones, so if you’re not obligated to travel during the weekends for work, or if your home schedule allows you to make changes and to be more flexible with the dates of visiting this Norwegian city, it would be best for you to shift those dates and avoid the weekends. Naturally, you won’t be able to always do this, but if you can do it, you could save some money on those rental fees, so this tip is quite worth remembering.

4. Compare The Prices Offered By Different Providers

While combing through those websites mentioned above, in search for the best deal, the most crucial thing to do is compare the prices offered by all of those different providers you’ll find. Their rental fees won’t all be the same. Finding cheap fees, while also making sure that those are offered by reputable and trustworthy companies, is your goal here. Checking out as much companies as possible before figuring out which one is bound to offer you the best fees is important, because you don’t want to rush into it and agree on a deal that won’t quite be favorable and that will, instead, be pretty expensive. Taking your time to check and compare everything will result in getting the perfect deal.

5. Understand The Provider Isn’t The Only Factor

You also need to understand that the provider of the leiebil service isn’t the only factor influencing the price here. And, no, I’m not talking about location, as it’s clear that prices in Stavanger will be different than the prices in another location. You, however, also have a say in those costs, as your choices regarding the vehicle and some of its features will also impact the price. Thus, learning how to choose the car wisely is also a must.

6. And Then Choose The Right Car, One Within Your Price Range

Making the best choice begins with keeping the price range that suits you in mind and refraining from checking out those vehicles that are far above it. Being tempted with those isn’t unusual, but you can avoid the temptations by sticking to your price range and not even looking at the other cars. Naturally, the price range is not the only thing to consider here.

7. And One That Will Meet All Of Your Needs As Well

When trying to save money on your rental car, tips for which you can also get on this page, going for one that will meet all of your needs and requirements is also important. For instance, if you’re traveling with your family, going for a compact car, even though it’s the cheapest option, will actually lead to financial losses. How so? Well, as it won’t meet your needs, you’ll probably have to resort to other means of transportation as well, thus paying both for those and for your rental vehicle. Booking the cheapest, compact car, on the other hand, is a good idea if you’re traveling alone.

8. Go For Manual Transmission If You Know How To Drive It

Manual transmission is often cheaper than automatic one, so that’s another factor to consider when trying to drive the price down. Of course, if unable to drive manual, don’t get it, since your safety should always come first. If you know how to drive it, though, check if the prices are lower for manual and then get it if they are.

9. Skip Those Upgrades That Are Offered

Most providers will offer upgrades, such as GPS, a car seat, toll pass and more. Bringing your own car seat, for instance, will help you save on fees for those. Plus, you have GPS on your phone, so there’s no need to pay for it too. Getting charged for the pass and not using it is, clearly, a huge waste of money, so be careful about that.

10. Decline Insurance If It’s Unnecessary

Saving on insurance is also possible, and here’s why. Most credit cards will already automatically include the insurance coverage. So, if paying with some of those cards, there’s no need to pay double for the insurance that the provider will certainly try to sell you.

11. Stick To One Driver & Always Check For Discounts

Sticking to one driver can also drive the price down, as there’s a daily additional fee for every single driver you add to the agreement. Apart from that, checking for discounts, usually offered when you pay upfront, could be of help as well. Paying upfront and thus getting the discount can certainly save you some money on your rental process and thus get you the billigste leiebil service.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen