Safe Travels: Six Practical Tips to Enjoy a Holiday Abroad


Whether referring to the cerulean blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea or the glittering lights of New York City, the world is a wonderful place to explore. This is why the tourism industry has enjoyed a massive boom over the past few decades. There are nonetheless several concerns that every holidaymaker needs to address, and one of these involves personal safety and security.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can make certain that little is left to chance when planning an upcoming trip. After all, there is nothing worse than dealing with unexpected surprises during what could have otherwise been a refreshing holiday far from home.

Prepaid Cryptocurrency Cards

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly useful ways to pay for goods and services while on holiday. These transactions are highly secure, and the mechanics themselves are virtually identical to traditional forms of payment. For instance, the Mountain Wolf prepaid card supports worldwide digital payments, transfers between different accounts, and standard ATM withdrawals. It can even be used to store FIAT funds; providing an all-in-one solution while out and about. This is obviously relevant when travelling. Some additional advantages with this unique ecosystem include:

  • Monthly top-up limits of $100,000 dollars.
  • The ability to support withdrawals as high as $10,000 dollars per day.
  • Support for Apple and Google Pay

Get to Know the Destination

There is no doubt that part of the allure of a holiday involves certain unknown factors. We still need to remember that some surprises can be less than pleasant. This is why you should take a bit of time to become familiar with the destination. Are there any areas defined as “tourist traps”? What types of mass transportation options are available? Will you be provided with access to medical assistance if you become injured or ill? Does your hotel offer a 24/7 concierge service if you have any additional questions? A bit of preparation can never hurt!

Network with Others in Advance

Word of mouth goes a long way when travelling. It is therefore a good idea to obtain insight from those who might currently reside in the location that you plan to visit (as well as those who have taken a similar journey in the past). The good news is that there are plenty of travel-oriented networking forums available online. Some of the most popular portals include Trippy, Matador, Tripadvisor, Off Exploring, and CouchSurfing.

Consider Travel Rewards Programmes

While cryptocurrencies offer standalone advantages when travelling abroad, their functionality does not end here. It is now possible to become involved with unique organisations such as the Mountain Wolf Travel Club (often abbreviated as MWTC by cardholders). Not only can you enjoy substantial cashback rewards when paying with cryptocurrencies, but other amenities such as device-agnostic transfer gateways, and obtaining the best prices when booking reservations in advance should never be overlooked. Transparency, convenience, and security are therefore never called into question.

A Touch of Foreign Diplomacy

What if you happen to be travelling to a country that does not speak English as a native language? While there is no need to learn grammatical intricacies, it is still wise to become familiar with a handful of basic phrases. There are two primary advantages here. First, locals will appreciate the effort; causing them to be more accommodating to your needs. Secondly, those who cannot communicate whatsoever are more likely to become the targets of pickpockets, and other nefarious individuals.

Important Documents

You are likely to require certain types of documentation when travelling to a foreign country. While this normally equates to a passport, other materials such as a national identity card or a driver’s licence may also be needed. Be sure to make digital and hard copies of all crucial documents. These will be crucial in the event that the originals are lost or stolen.

Note that the advice outlined above is not meant to detract from the appeal of an upcoming holiday by any means. These suggestions are merely designed to provide you with a sense of foresight that could be needed to make certain that everything goes according to plan. You can therefore create memories to last a lifetime without being overly preoccupied with security concerns.


Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen