7 Fun Ways to Spend Time Travelling on a Long Journey

7 Fun Ways to Spend Time Travelling on a Long Journey

Chances are if you are a Canadian you have had a fair share of long journeys. Canada, being the second-largest country in the world, even a domestic trip such as from Vancouver to Toronto can take 4 hours plus. However, those who have an exotic destination in mind, such as Costa Rica or Thailand will have to be prepared to sit considerably longer on the aeroplane.

Our author Daniel Bennet provides us with some fun ways to spend time on a long journey. You can read more about him.

What to Do On a Long Flight

Being trapped in a small seat for hours limits the things you can do, but with a little bit of advanced preparation, you can make time fly by.

1. Enjoy Offline Games On Your Smartphone

Canadian gaming expert Daniel Bennet recommends playing games to pass time. Daniel explains that many apps don’t require an internet connection, therefore can be played offline. If you are tired of solitaire that is probably on your phone by default, try a poker or blackjack app.

2. Win Some Money with Online Games

Many flights in and out of Canada offer wifi. While these connections are not the fastest, you can still play online games like video poker, roulette or video slots. We do not recommend trying live-dealer games as connection problems could ruin your gaming experience and you could even miss some winning opportunities. If you are not registered to an online casino site yet, read some casino reviews before you make your decision.

3. Watch Movies and Series

Plane entertainment on most long-haul flights is great. Those who haven’t thought about how to be entertained on the plane in advance can always watch movies the flight offers. If you don’t trust the selection or are afraid that your screen might not work, download movies on your smartphone or tablet before the flight. Streaming providers such as Netflix or Prime Video allow you to download movies on your smartphone, and with a set of headphones, you are all set.

4. Walk Around the Plane

Deep vein thrombosis is a risk that comes with sitting down in the same position over a long period of time. Airport shops offer flight socks that are meant to compress your feet and calves helping you to eliminate the risk of thrombosis but moving those limbs is even more important. Walking around the plane can be done easily and you can even find a spot where you are not in the way of others and you can do a few squats and stretches.

5. Read a book

In our hectic lives, many people don’t find the time ever to read a book. When you are on a long flight and can’t be doing useful work stuff or house chores it is time for you to relax with a good book. Getting an eBook, like a Kindle, is an excellent idea. You can store thousands of books on an eBook and the battery lasts for weeks. If you choose the Paperwhite version you can read even without a reading light so you will not be disturbing the person sitting next to you.

6. Take Pictures

As a photographer, one of the best things to entertain me is taking photos. I always book a seat by the windows and make sure it is not over the wing so that I can start snapping those amazing landscape shots before the holiday begins. Before taking pictures make sure that you have turned the flash off as it will reflect off the window ruining your shot. Also, set the focus on a distant object as your camera might try to focus on the window instead.

7. Prepare for Your Trip

You will now have time to read the guidebook again and try to plan your sightseeing days. Check the timetables of buses and trains you want to take and read up on restaurants you might want to eat in. If you haven’t figured out your budget for the trip now you can add up the numbers and make your calculations.


With all our gadgets there are tons of ways to entertain ourselves even if we have to sit in one place. You can choose to do something relaxing or exciting or even physical. Pick one option from our list and try it out on your next long trip.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen