How To Find Ancestors? 3 Tips

How To Find Ancestors? 3 Tips

We have encountered several situations in which an individual had no clue whether his ancestors were Polish. Once he heard that his relatives resided in Poland or its former territories but, at the same time, decided to give up on searching for his background. It is always good to know more about family history and that’s something we would like to focus on in today’s article. Check how to find Polish ancestors!

Genealogy And Family History – What Should You Know About It?

Would you like to find out more about your family tree but at the same time have no clue where to start from? We completely understand your point! It is not that easy to conduct research on your own. You do not only have to know what kind of sources to use but also know how to use them in a proper way. That’s why we are here to help you! If you are looking for a hint to discover your background and maybe, one day, finally visit Poland, here it is. We will give you some tips on searching for ancestors.

First of all, you should visit your family home and make a small investigation. The attic is also well known as a source of knowledge which means that’s a great starting point. We are pretty sure you will find there documentation proving your Polish roots, such as, for example, old vital records, letters or pictures or family tree. These documents might be helpful once you decide to confirm Polish citizenship by descent. For now, they are needed for you to finally check whether your ancestors were Polish. You should also look for any papers confirming your family’s emigration history and talk to your relatives. A conversation might be a key to success. So, use your communication skills and ask your grandparents or great-grandparents about the issues you are interested in.

Do not worry, if you find nothing! We can distinguish one more way of searching for ancestors and finding out where your family is from.

Research For Ancestors – Where To Look For Help?

As we mentioned above, research for your background at the family home is not the only way to find needed information on genealogy. Go to The Polish Citizenship Experts are always here to help you and assess your case individually. Once you contact them, you will be asked about the evidence on your background you might have. In general, the Experts are interested in specific information, such as dates and places of birth, emigration history, or the naturalization and renunciation process.

We are aware that in some cases it is not possible to know such details, but qualified experts have the power to conduct research across archives in Poland and not only (if needed). They keep focusing on specific archival sources and, based on that, take the necessary measures to look for any evidence proving your roots.

The Polish Citizenship Experts may also conduct research on genealogy. So, if you know that your ancestor held citizenship in Poland and, at the same time, you are interested in getting to know more about it, they can also assist you in such a case.

How To Confirm Polish Citizenship?

Once you start the research for ancestors and the outcome is positive, there is one more step you should take. The Polish legal regulations provide the possibility to acquire citizenship by descent. At the moment, you have your origin confirmed, you can lodge a motion at the Voivodeship Office and become a part of the Polish nation.

What does it feel like to be a citizen of Poland? You get the rights and duties associated with that which seems to be amazing. Do not forget to apply for a Polish passport too and visit Poland once you have the new document issued!

We can safely say that the Internet might be your friend! There is no need for you to come here while searching for your background. The Experts will look for any evidence on your behalf and let you know what to do next. Use the opportunities you have!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen