Keeping Up with Cultural Differences in America

Keeping Up with Cultural Differences in America

Culture is a beautiful concept because it embodies a particular set of people’s customs, ideas, and social behaviors. It is their mark of identity. It Is what tells them apart from a different group of people who have their distinct customs. Because culture is our identity, we move around with it subconsciously, mainly because it is not tangible but has found deep roots in us.

Centering on the American culture, many of them are different from other cultures and societies. Since the community is open to visitors from other cultural backgrounds, the disparity is very telling for these visitors. There is also the fact that different cultures have different experiences. For instance, an Asian will have other cultural challenges like an African or an English man within America. Away from the American culture is best new zealand online casino.

However, some of the widespread differences for you to look out for and use as a guide will be discussed.

Do Not Come Empty-Handed To An Event

An American expects a gift when they invite you for a wedding, baby shower, housewarming or any celebration. Just like they expect one from you, they won’t show up to your event empty-handed. However, some cultures believe gifts should come voluntarily and not because the host expects them. While some cultures will see it as preempting your guest and adding too much burden to guests, it is culturally acceptable for a host to put up a registry of gifts so that you pick which gift to get from the list. This way, you are not in doubt whether they will need it or not.

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Tip for Services

Coming from a cultural background where you pay for services and leave, you might find it strange if your hairdresser, hotel butler, waiter or service provider keeps steering at you after you’ve paid. Unlike in meilleur casino en ligne français, In America, they are not hanging around after you’ve paid to be rude. On the contrary, they are waiting to be tipped by you. Ironically, though the tipping is not mandatory, there are acceptable rates that a tip can cost. Usually, people give 15 to 20 percent of their bill or make it a dollar or two per service. The tip is added as part of the bill in some fancy restaurants or places.

Respect For Personal Space

Americans do not take their personal space lightly. For instance, don’t touch people without their consent and don’t visit their houses without informing them. During conversations, don’t ask personal questions because it is considered rude. Coming from an African or Asian community, you can show up at the houses of friends and family to eat and have fun. It is also customary to hug or touch the face to show love, concern or excitement. When in Rome, act like the Romance.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen