Review of the New Licensed Casinos in Poland 2021-2022

Review of the New Licensed Casinos in Poland 2021-2022

Casinos are new millionaire makers in many geographical regions of the world, and Poland is a big part. Even with the general legalization of gambling activities in the past decade, many gaming houses are situated in basements since they are not regulated, so they can’t conduct their businesses publicly.

The good news is that this is not the case in Poland – gambling activities are generally regulated in the European nation. However, there are important rules that every gaming house and bettor needs to follow.

According to gaming expert Klara Czerwinska: „W Polsce nieustannie powstają formy działalności typu nowe kasyno online, co jest zaletą wynikającą z posiadania w tym kraju odpowiednich struktur regulujących przemysł hazardowy. To rzecz jasna dobra wiadomość, jednak dostępność do nowych kasyn oznacza też konieczność zachowania szczególnej uwagi. Wystarczy powiedzieć, że nie wszystkie nowopowstałe zakłady proponują usługi na najwyższym poziomie i to na graczu, przed podjęciem rozgrywki, spoczywa obowiązek zachowania większej ostrożności.”

In a bid to help punters, this article will review some of the new licensed virtual casinos in Poland so that making a choice could be relatively easier.

1. Lemon Casino

Lemon casino is one of the best virtual casinos that you can find online in Poland. The bonuses on this site are mouthwatering. You can never get bored playing games on the site as it has many new casino games for you to try out.

With this website, you don’t have to worry about fraud, as the site is safe for all users. This safety and ease of entrance to the site are only available to people within the geographical area where the site allows users. The site’s interface makes it even easier to use as it doesn’t have glaring colors that can distract its users. Also, registering on the website is fast – probably one of the fastest you’d find anywhere.

2. Ultra Casino

Ultra Casino is an online casino with many daily rewards and other attractive offers for its users. Also, players can access new slots, live casinos, and table games on the casino site. The spin-for-cash segment is completely free, and the gaming website sends you a daily email to partake in the prize reward. The promotions on the site are flexible, as they change from time to time.

To use this site, all you need to do is open the link, complete the registration process and deposit an entry fee. The deposit will enable you to stake on any game of your choice, and your winnings are added. However, if you lose a game, the money gets deducted from your deposit. Ultra Casino has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for gamers to operate the site without any support. Furthermore, the site is safe, so you can be sure your deposits and withdrawals are protected.


3. Casino is regarded as one of the best new gaming establishments in Poland. It is known for its efficient and user-friendly interface that allows punters to have fun while earning money.

Not only does it have over 1,500 games to pick from, but it also boasts of rich introductory bonuses and rewards programs. Punters can play slot games on the go and enjoy up to a 300 Euros bonus on the site. Punters who prioritize safety and security can rest assured as the casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and has always fulfilled its promises to players.

4. Bizzo Casino

If you need a site for new in Poland to play casino games with real money and win, Bizzo casino should be your go-to. There are numerous gaming options available here. Anyone can play here as long as they have attained the official age for gambling.

To register on this platform, you need as little as 1 minute, which explains how fast and easy the process is. You cannot get bored with the numerous games they have for users. Another advantage is that the site is safe, and it is easy for anyone to use, as every navigation tool presents itself whole on the site.

5. Nitro Casino

This internet gaming establishment is one of the best among young gamers in Poland. The website operates with lightning speed, making it a preferred option for many people.

There are also multiple new bonuses, including a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and more. With these exciting offers, this internet casino is able to attract many punters in Poland, the Netherlands, and several other European countries.

With many games on offer, there are ample opportunities to win. Losing a wager usually means losing money in any gambling house, but interestingly, this is different at Nitro. Punters can still get rewards even after a loss. Most importantly, playing on the website is safe, and with an easy to use interface, gamers are in for a great time here.


In Poland, running a casino business is legal, which explains why new gaming establishments keep coming up now and then. As a punter, there are quite a few platforms you can choose to do business with and make some money.

Going by reviews and user experiences, the establishments we have listed in this article are some of the best options available now.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen