Samos Feribot

Samos Feribot

Samos Feribot

Going from Seferihisar to Samos by ferry!

Let’s get to know Samos: Samos (Samos), located on the opposite shore of Dilek Island, is known as the birthplace of Hera, the wife of the Greek Goddess and Zeus. In addition to this detail that makes the island important in terms of mythology, the last island Greece took from the Ottoman Empire is Samos. Samos, also known as Samos, is an island that promises peace and happiness with its long beaches, unique sunset views where the sky and the color of the sea blend together. Archeology museums and Arch of Eupalinos are the first places to be seen in Samos for those who enjoy trips with history. Reminding that the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras and the Greek astronomer Aristarchus were also born in Samos, we suggest you add Pythagoras Cave to your tour.

Since Samos (Samos) Island is known as one of the most peaceful islands in Greece, it also has pleasant hills where you can watch the sunset. As in all Greek islands, taverns are of course the leading places to go in the evenings in Samos. You will be enchanted by Greek music in these taverns where you can sip your ouzo while tasting delicious fish. Samos feribot

Seferihisar – Samos (Samos Island) How Long Does It Take?

It takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes to reach Samos by ferries departing from Seferihisar. There are ferries available from Seferihisar to Samos, where you can reach the island at many hours in the morning and evening or return from the island. Fethiye Rodos feribot

Seferihisar – Samos (Samos Island) Ferries

Ferry services between Seferihisar and Samos are frequently organized especially during the summer months. Thanks to, which allows you to list dozens of different ferry companies on a single page with the time you prefer and reasonable price advantages, you can buy the most suitable ticket online. You can find the most affordable one by reviewing more than one ferry company. If you wish, you can examine the ferry options and go to Samos with your own vehicle. By reviewing all these options and ferry companies on a single page, you can safely buy your ticket from and make a pleasant ferry trip from Seferihisar to Samos.

Is a Visa Required for Samos (Samos Island)?

Since Samos (Samos Island) is located in Greece, a schengen visa is required when entering the island. Because a lot of tourists visiting Turkey and Greece because of the good relationship purification leading to the two countries, the visa process uygulanmaktadıras door. Visitors who travel from Seferihisar to Samos by ferry can enter the island easily by obtaining a visa at the door.

Where to stay in Samos?

It is possible to find a more suitable apartment, hostel and hotel in Samos compared to other Greek Islands, which you can reach by ferry from Seferihisar and travel with your own vehicle if you wish. We recommend you to make a reservation 2-3 months in advance for a suitable accommodation option before you go to Samos, which is busy from May to September. Çeşme Sakız feribot

Beaches you can go on Samos Island

Magnificent beaches and beaches will also be waiting for you on Samos Island, where you can reach the sea in 1 hour and 40 minutes by ferry from Seferihisar. Beaches in the north and south of the island offer different views and tastes for those who come to Samos by ferry. We have brought together the most popular northern and southern beaches and bays where you can find peace and enjoy the Aegean waters on Samos Island.


  • Avlakia Beach
  • Gagou Beach
  • Karlovasi Beach
  • Kokkari Beach
  • Lemonakia Beach
  • Livadaki Beach
  • Megalo Seitani Beach
  • Micro Seitani Beach
  • Potami Beach

Tsamadou Beach


Ireon Beach

Potokaki Beach

Remataki Beach

Don’t say I went to Samos and didn’t see it!

Apart from the northern and southern beaches of Samos, you should see Marathokampos beaches in the south west of the island!

Hrisi (Psili) Ammos Perri, Balos, Votsalakia and Limnionas Beaches, which are located in this region and described as the secret paradises of the island, are indispensable for crowded holidaymakers with their facilities suitable for families. Again, Agios Ioannis Eleimonas Beach, which is located in this region, is one of the places we will not say without seeing it with its view inside the cliffs! Marmaris Rodos feribot

We will be able to easily reach by ferry from Seferihisar. Follow the traces of the past in Samos! And be sure to visit these places intertwined with nature and history!

Virgin Mary’s Cave and Monastery: This monastery, built inside a cave at an altitude of 950 meters on Mount Kerkis, hosts thousands of visitors every year, especially with its murals and mystical atmosphere.

Temple of Hera: This temple dedicated to the Greek Goddess Hera is a great temple. It was registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1992.

Eupalinos Arch: This ancient aqueduct is also open to visitors as a museum.

Kerkis Mountain: Kerkis Mountain is the highest point of the Aegean. When you climb Kerkis Mountain, which offers a unique nature tour opportunity for hiking enthusiasts, you can see the Virgin Mary Cave at the summit.

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