Significant reasons why you should visit Comporta, Portugal

Significant reasons why you should visit Comporta, Portugal

Imagine long sandy beaches, blue ocean, pine forests and picturesque rice fields. This is all what Comporta what looks like on the west coast of Portugal and a real enclave of peace and quiet. The place is best for a carefree holiday. No wonder, the place attracts its fans as well as those who appreciate a holiday every year in the bosom of nature.

Anyone who visits Comporta will agree that it is a small corner of paradise between the ocean and the rice field. This place was kept a secret, it has gained popularity recently because of its unique atmosphere. Famous artists as well as designers are particularly fond of this area. So, it would be best to say that Comporta is one of the rising stars of Portugal as well as the best place to discover the Alentejo region. Here we are going to discuss some of the few reasons why you should must add this place to your bucket list.

To Lie On The Beach

One of the significant reasons why you should visit Comporta are the sandy beaches stretching along about 60 km of the coastline. It can be said that this area can boast one of the most beautiful beaches with the Blue Flag. When we add to it as fine soft sand, which contrasts with the depth of the ocean, there is a perfect duo.

Admire the Sunset

Another reason why you should visit Comporta once in a life are stunning sunsets. The sunsets in this region are the best admired on the endless beaches as well as from the hotel pool overlooking the rice fields. Regardless of which option you select, you can be sure –a spectacle awaits you especially if it is preceded by a dinner with delicious Portuguese wine.

Taste the Local Cuisine

There is no secret that one of the things that we appreciate during the holidays is mouthwatering food. it is fascinating to know that, there is no shortage of such food in Comporta because you can easily enjoy a refreshing cocktail at a beach bar. Have a lunch overlooking the sun-drenched rice fields as well as dinner in a former stable. However, some of the famous dishes that you must try here in this region of Portugal are squid, cod soup, seafood risotto, grilled sardines, as well as the region’s specialty like cuttlefish with garlic and coriander. Moreover, the sweets fans must try bolas de Berlim.

Swim in the Atlantic Ocean

This reason to visit this region seems trivial. However, what’s better than a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean especially when the temperature is 30 degrees outside? It is fascinating to know that Comporta is the best place to start a surfing adventure. The mild climate with cool ocean waves is ideal for this type of activity.

Stay in a design hotel

You must keep in consideration that, Comporta is a real paradise for lovers of out-class hotels and this place has been hailed as Portugal’s new destination. Initially, it was one of the top reasons why we went here at all but now there are more than enough reasons. Comporta hotels are a goal in itself. What captivated you in this region is the fact, all accommodation facilities have been integrated into the surroundings. However, it seems in vain to look for eye-catching behemoths on the mass tourist. Comporta makes us very happy as all the hotels are designed in such a way as to encourage relaxation with the surrounding nature. Beautiful and attractive interiors decorated with attention to detail fit into the idyllic landscape.

Walk in The Rice Fields

If you are thinking that you can only see the picturesque rice fields only in Asia, then you are absolutely wrong. There are plenty of them in Comporta. No wonder, it is the region where the most rice is grown in Portugal. That means, it’s safe to say, the rice fields are the heart of the region as well as one of the major factors making it so special.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen