The Benefits Of CBD As Health Products

The Benefits Of CBD As Health Products

Becoming legal in many and more areas, people nowadays refer the weed or ‘marijuana’ as Cannabis (read more). This term addressesCannabis sativa, Cannabis indica,andCannabis ruderalis.TheCannabis sativaspecies has several varieties. One of the varieties contains high Cannabidiol and low THC transformed into health products.

The products are also called Cannabidiol or CBD products. The compound is clinically proven to have health benefits. In contrast, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound that causes high sedation and euphoria effect in the Cannabis plant. Hence the allowed product has certain rules that one of them is low THC with a 0.3% maximum.

They have been marketed in various countries such as the U.S.A, the U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Thailand, and more than forty other countries. Most of them only allow CBD in medical uses and as pharmaceuticals. Besides, products for daily usage without any prescription are also available. People could find them online, in drugstores, or even in supermarkets. In detail, here are some Cannabidiol products followed by their health benefits.

CBD Health Products

Based on the THC and CBD content, three types are CBD isolate, Broad-spectrum CBD, and Full-spectrum CBD. The isolates are one of the purest without any other elements like THC, CBC, CBN, terpene, pinene, and more. The broad spectrum still could cover cannabinoids and other compounds, including limonene, terpene CBN, CBC, and others. Yet, it still does not contain THC. The last one is the only type that includes THC in the products, and still, the THC must not exceed the 0.3% limit in the Full-spectrum ones.

Those three types could be found in these forms and serve certain functions. From the same plants, they can be processed in various ways. Based on how people consume them, they could be classified into these.

1. Edibles

This is the most common form to find CBD in a store. It includes capsules, gummies, teas, supplements, and many more. Some manufacturers also add more flavors and smell like chocolate, vanilla, green tea, mint, orange, ginger, and so on. People tend to have additional spices or herbs to enhance their taste and health benefits. It also aims to reduce the natural earthy and grass-like of the plant that some might dislike.

2. Oils

Though oils can also be taken orally like in vapor or dissolved in water, CBD oils are mostly rubbed on parts of the body. The oil is clinically proven to relieve pain because the compounds have a direct impact on endocannabinoids. Any pain or burn is better to be soothed by these anti-inflammation properties to prevent more severe damage to the cells. In addition, this liquid also has an aromatic and therapeutic property to soothe stress or anxiety. Applying it before nerve-wracking moments or before-after workouts gives a direct effect. Ensure that you are always purchasing from a reputable vendor, such as Cannacares. You can visit their online store for vegan-friendly, organic CBD oil tinctures which you can buy here.

3. Lotions

Almost similar to oil, the lotion is also for topical usage but no oral usage. CBD is mixed with other ingredients to achieve certain purposes. Most benefits from this type are related to skin, and a well-known example is skincare. CBD skincare also includes creams, serums, toners, cleansers, and other products. Some toiletries also use CBD compounds like toothpaste, bath bomb, shampoo, and body scrubs.

4. Buds

This is the product with the most authentic form of Cannabis. The flaky strain and light color buds give the best aroma and sweetness when they are inhaled. However, customers must be aware of bad and moldy buds because smoking those buds is bad for their health.

Health Benefits


Reducing Anxiety, Stress, And Depression

This is the most prevalent benefit of Cannabis, and it is found in all types of products. This benefit is already indicated in both animal and human tests. A test of mice showed that Cannabidiol has the same effect as an anti-depressant. Furthermore, research demonstrated that young patients with insomnia and anxiety with PTSD were gradually improved with CBD oil treatment.

For those who have any anxiety symptoms applying or using CBD helps when stressed or panic attacks, but bear in mind that some Cannabidiol medications need to be under the doctor’s concern.

Treat Certain Addiction

On the contrary to marijuana with high THC that makes people get addicted, Cannabidiol could be the best treatment for people with heroin use disorder. As people with addiction get stressed and anxious while not using the addictive, Cannabidiol could relieve the anxiety. Still, this treatment should be followed with other medications also.

Anti-Inflammatory And Pain Reliever

Especially in medications and oils, Cannabis is consumed to calm certain chronic pains. Adding the oil while bathing could reduce the pain for arthritis patients. Furthermore, pain and other side effects of chemotherapy can be minimized by Cannabidiol medications. This benefit works because CBD lowers the pro-inflammatory cytokines, stimulates T cell apoptosis, and prevents T cell proliferation. For a further scientific explanation about these anti-inflammation properties, you can check here:

Alleviate Syndromes And Symptoms

Currently, scientists conduct some research about Cannabidiol on some syndromes. Some syndromes that have already been proven clinically are Epilepsy, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral ischemia, Huntington disease, diabetic complication, and arthritis. Though the compound does not a hundred percent cure the listed disease, some symptoms of the disease could be relieved and decreased by CBD medication.

Whether one shows any symptoms from the listed diseases, taking CBD medication without any health practitioners’ concern is not allowed as some food and medications should not have a drug interaction with Cannabidiol. To prevent this, consulting the doctor is the safest way.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen