What Are The Top Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur?

Qualities Of A Good Chauffeur

Being a chauffeur requires much more than just driving. Chauffeurs are professionals with flawless etiquette, extensive experience and excellent driving skills. Their job is to take people to various types of events such as: weddings, work meetings, prom parties, and corporative happenings while providing them with a smooth, comfortable and safe ride.

Numerous websites such as driverprovider.com, offer their transport services online. However, prior to hiring a company, make sure their drivers have the following qualities.

Considering the number of driver providers on the market, you certainly believe that there’s nothing easier than hiring the right chauffeur. Anyway, not all professional drivers possess the right qualities. Although this person will just drive you to the desired location and back, it’s very significant to feel comfortable during the ride, as you don’t ride in a luxurious vehicle every day.

Having a proper license

Professional drivers need to have a special kind of license which is based on their driving skills, age requirement and years of experience. Therefore, when looking for a chauffeur, make sure it has such a license and a clean driving record. You don’t want to be driven by a person who has had problems with the law even if it’s just a few times.

The driver provider company should provide you with a written document of their drivers’ licenses. Don’t hire companies which don’t provide such a proof.

Looking professional

Wheelmen should always look smart; wearing a suit and tie as well as appropriate shoes. This person takes you to important events where everybody is dressed up, so it’s essential to be well-dressed in order to fit in with the others. Having a friendly look on their face is another important characteristic, as nobody wants a grumpy driver.

Having appropriate training

Apart from looking professional and having a license, a chauffeur has to complete numerous trainings in order to provide safety to its passengers. Wheelmen should have training in driving in all kinds of weather conditions, defensive training and maintenance of their vehicles.

A good wheelman doesn’t just drive the limousine, but he also knows how to locate the defect and possibly repair it if a problem comes up. Read more about what else it takes to be a well-trained professional driver.


Being punctual is the crucial characteristic of every wheelman. Actually, he shouldn’t just be on time, but ahead of time; arriving about 15 minutes earlier on the location. Chauffeurs are the ones who wait for the passengers, not the other way around.

They should calculate the approximate time needed to arrive on the spot and give some extra time in case they come across some traffic jams. Punctuality is the reason why people hire chauffeurs in the first place. Coming late to a wedding or meeting can be disastrous for the image of the company.

Great knowledge of the area

Wheelmen have to know every detail and road sign in the area where they are driving. Make sure they have a great sense of direction, without constantly using a map. They should be up-to-date with all the road constructions which take place and might be an obstacle during the ride. Read in Thai here: https://www.thaibets365.com

If they aren’t aware of the potential construction activities on the road, they’ll lose precious time in trying to find another route to your destination. Time is one thing which you don’t want to waste for no good reason.

Working well under pressure

Chauffeurs have to extremely calm and able to handle every kind of situation in an efficient manner, regardless of the pressure they are facing. They very frequently cope with panicked brides, drunk students coming home from prom, agitated employees etc. These people talk loudly, shout at each other, cry or laugh uncontrollably. It also takes a lot of driving patience to deal with unpredicted traffic or irresponsible drivers who obstruct your journey.

Wrap up

Before you hire a chauffeur, make sure you check his qualities as much as you can.

It’s essential to be licensed, well-dressed, knowledgeable of the local road area, punctual and calm.

He should provide you with security, stability and comfort while you’re sitting in the back of the vehicle!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen