What Happens to Scattered Ashes at Sea?

What Happens to Scattered Ashes at Sea?

It may be time to put your family member to rest. However, you want to have one final ceremony he requests from his loved ones. Spreading remains in the sea may be a great way to celebrate things. Here are some things to know about scattering ashes at sea.

Knowing What Comprises Ashes

Before you hire charter boats for scattering ashes, know what comprises those elements of the last remains. The compounds of ashes include pulverized bone fragments. For women, this could be four pounds.

Guys are a bit heavier at six pounds. Cremation is a reliable way of eliminating all organic matter and bodily fluids. It’s more ideal scattering ashes along the sea because it doesn’t pose a hazard to the environment.

Even if the ashes reach the sea bottom, they’ll naturally decompose further in the water. Take some serious thought into why cremating ashes would be the better service for your fallen loved ones and honor their physical and spiritual presence.

Know the Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines

Before you spread the ashes across the sea or anywhere else, know the regulations to keep you from breaking any laws.

First, don’t scatter any non-biodegradable items or wreaths in the sea. Always scout places away from buildings or areas where people fish. You’ll have privacy and won’t be a hazard towards other people.

Additionally, you don’t want to be at a place where people collect water. It can contaminate the liquid, and that’s something you never want to do.

Pick a clear day where you know there’s low wind and no rain. Windy days can blow ashes on people who live or work nearby. It may become an occupational hazard to people who have a construction gig or another menial labor job.

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What to Do Before You Scatter Ashes

Whether you spread the dust on a river or sea is your choice. You can begin the ash ceremony by saying a few words about the recently deceased relative. Maybe you want to talk about how he positively impacted your life.

You might have a funny story to boost morale. Also, you can add things to the celebration. Pick up some biodegradable flowers, wreaths, and paper to write a message on it.

This way, you won’t pollute the water, and it’ll naturally dissolve in time. A ceremony at sea is a great way to honor your dead.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen