What’s the Difference Between A Wig and a Toupee?

What’s the Difference Between A Wig and a Toupee?

Would you prefer wearing a wig or toupee? It’s a question many men ask themselves at some point.

In fact, 6.5 million men in the UK experience male pattern baldness. At any age, hair loss or baldness can be a very problematic issue, with signs of hair loss starting to show in some men in their early twenties.

If you are one of them. You must wish to cover thinning or balding spots on your scalp. Then there are solutions for you to achieve a full-head-of-hair look, including wigs for men, or human hair wigs for men. male wigs and toupees, depending on how much area you want to cover.

Here we are to explore what a toupee is and look at the pros and cons of toupees and wigs. Yes, toupees vs wigs.

What Is a Toupee?

What’s a toupee? A toupee is a small-scale hairpiece made of either natural or synthetic hair, worn at the top of the person’s scalp to cover the thinning or bald area. A toupee is commonly worn by men and attached over the crown.

What’s the Difference Between a Wig and a Toupee?

We are often asked, ‘what is a toupee?’ Like a women’s hair topper, a toupee covers a smaller section of the scalp, predominantly around the crown.

When deciding on what toupee to get, you should choose a color, style, and texture that matches your natural hair and will blend in seamlessly.

On the other hand, if you have lost all your hair, you may look for a male wig as they offer complete coverage over the whole scalp and reduce many concerns that wearing a toupee cannot bring.

If a toupee is not installed securely, others may be able to tell you are a toupee wearer. A wig is also ideal if you are experiencing thinning or balding around the temples or if your hairline is receding.

So, What’s Better? A Wig or a Toupee? Let’s look to find the pros and cons of toupees and wigs.

Pros of Wigs:

1) The key difference between a wig and a toupee is that wigs for men ensure you are confident to go about your day, knowing that all thinning or balding areas of your head are securely covered.

2) Compared to a toupee, wigs are a low-maintenance option as you don’t need to style and cut your natural hair to match it.

3) For an undetectable styling option, lace front wigs are great for a natural look that your wig will stay on securely.

4) Wigs are now more comfortable to wear than ever before. Wigs will snug and stick to your head for a seamless fit. Wigs are lightweight, so your head, scalp, and neck are comfortable all day long.

5) There are numerous heat-friendly wigs available to remove heat damage concerns – you can style your wig to suit your hairstyle.

6) A wig allows you to step out of your comfort zone! You can choose different types of wigs that are close to your natural hair color and style or go for something entirely different. You can always have a few styles.

Cons of Wigs:

1) When buying a wig, especially human hair wigs, you want it to look as natural and realistic as your natural hair. However, if your human hair wig looks perfect and pristine, that is a giveaway for spotting a wig.

2) Like your own natural hair, a human hair wig reacts to the weather and needs regular washing and care of wigs.

3) A synthetic wig is prone to heat damage and needs to be replaced more often than a human hair wig.

4) Whether made of synthetic or human hair, a wig needs styling to look as natural as possible. Have a look at natural-looking wigs.

Pros of Toupees:

The Introduce of Toupee Hair Wig and Different Types of It

1) Toupees are great for covering areas of thinning or balding on the crown and the highest point of the scalp.Choosing a natural-looking wig for men has always been challenging. There is a full range of base structures, with skin hair systems and lace hair systems as the best options for a natural look.

2) Toupees come in various sizes, colors, and textures to comfortably and naturally blend into your natural hair.

3) Toupees can be easily secured by glue or double-sided tape.

4) A toupee can be made extra secure using adhesive or tape. Afterward, the adhesive or tape can be removed quickly and effectively using toupee remover. The remover can wash off tape residue, too.

5) Compared to other hair loss treatments, a toupee is affordable.

6) As toupees can be made to blend into your natural hair, they’re less noticeable than a wig that might cause a style or color change.

Cons of Toupees:

1) Choosing a toupee that matches your current hair type, texture, and color can be difficult. The toupee may appear unnatural if you make the wrong decision.

2) ‘How to spot a toupee?’ That’s been a commonly asked question. There’s a reason for that. In truth, if a toupee is poorly manufactured and appears of low quality, it will look obvious to the naked eye.

3) Though hair loss is incurable in many cases, a toupee is a temporary solution that needs replacing every three to six months, so it doesn’t have an odor.

4) A toupee is affordable, yet it is associated with costs for glue or tape, adhesive remover, a toupee stand, shampoos, and cleansing products.

5) If the toupee is incorrectly installed, cared for, or styled, it can look quite obvious.

6) A toupee only covers one area. Suppose your hair continues to thin and eventually gets bald in more areas. In that case, it won’t be the most appropriate hair coverage option.


You now fully understand the differences between wigs and a toupee and their advantages and disadvantages. Whether a male wig or toupee is the right choice, getting the correct style makes you feel the most confidence.

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen