Is it Worth Dropping a Year to Prepare for the CLAT?

Is it Worth Dropping a Year to Prepare for the CLAT?

CLAT exam is no doubt one of the vital exams in the life of law aspirants. This entrance test offers you a seat in one of the 22 NLUs presents in the country. So, securing a good rank in the exam sets your career by offering you a seat in the best National Law universities. This, as a result, makes it clear that CLAT is a vital exam in the life of every law aspiring candidate.

But should you drop a year for your CLAT preparation? Well, many aspiring candidates never leave any chance to complain in their CLAT preparation. So, what they do is drop a year just to prepare for their CLAT exams. But is it worth dropping a year for CLAT exams? So, if you are dropping a year for your CLAT exam, in this article, you will learn why you should not drop a year?

Why Should you not Drop a Year for Preparing CLAT?

You must clear about the fact that not everyone unable to clear their CLAT lacks potential. In simple terms, if you are incapable of cracking your CLAT, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right knowledge. Instead, there may be some external forces responsible for the result. So, in such cases dropping a year will never come back. You will lose valuable 365 days of your life. So, dropping should never be a choice; instead, you must follow some other career path and your CLAT preparation. Here are some reasons that state you don’t need to drop a year. Check Best Books For CLAT.

CLAT Doesn’t Need a Year to Prepare

Many of you must be thinking that preparing for CLAT takes a complete year. However, it is not so. This is because; preparing for CLAT takes about four months. So, in such cases dropping a year would be a bad decision. You can also find that most people who are clearing their CLAT exams are doing it in less than five months. So, if you are a CLAT applicant, you should never drop a year to prepare your CLAT exam. Download CLAT Math Syllabus PDF.

The Exam Tests your Ability to Face Practical Exams

Well, most of the people think that CLAT is an exam that tests skills to retain knowledge. However, this is an exam that instead of tests your practical skills. Further, except general knowledge, there is no other topic that requires you to mug things up.

On the other hand, CLAT is an exam that is usually analytic in nature. So, you need the practice to clear the exam. This makes it clear that you don’t need to drop a year.

Easy to Download Previous year Paper and Prepare

CLAT is a paper that ages hardly a decade old. And as you know the internet nowadays makes everything accessible easily. So, you can download the question papers of previous years to evaluate and analyze them. This will allow you to know about your strength and weaknesses in each topic.

Making a Good Habit of Reading Newspaper is all you Need

Since CLAT is one of the most vital exams for CLAT aspirant, it will include all those questions from general awareness. So, rather than dropping a year, you should prepare by reading a newspaper. Reading the newspaper every day and staying aware of all the recent events will help you with your CLAT exam so if you want the best preparation to read the newspaper.

Be Sincere to all your Modules

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If you are preparing sincerely for four months at least, you don’t need a whole year. All the topics you face in the exam are quite limited, and four months is ample time to prepare for your exam. So, if you want the best preparation, you must be sincere to all your modules rather than dropping a year.

A Negative Impact on your Resume

This is one of the most vital causes of why you should not drop a year. Getting CLAT cleared is achievable. However, if you pursue your career in some other path, you will negatively impact dropping a year. This is because; it will leave a year blank in your resume. So, you must not drop a year.


Wrapping up, this is why you should never drop a year for preparing for your CLAT. Now that you are aware of all reasons, you must utilize your time in the best possible way.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen