Komodo Island Cruise Packages

For those who fancy a cruise around the Indian Ocean, Ayana hotels provide lots of cruise packages to choose from.

Komodo cruise packages ensure that you can enjoy the best of the Indian Ocean within your budget and in the best way you know how.

Here are some of the packages you can choose from.

Everyday cruise packages

One of the most popular Komodo island cruise package is the daily package. Ready to go every morning, you can choose to go on the cruise on the most convenient day on your holiday.

The daily cruise takes place in either the bottom glass boat or the sleek and beautiful Ayana speed boat. Those taking the daily cruise package enjoy a visit to the numerous islands around the Indian Ocean and a snorkeling trip.

A condition to enjoy this cruise, is that you should carry entrance fees to the Komodo National Park that is home to the Komodo Dragons.

Sunset cruise package

As the name suggests, the sunset cruise package takes you on a cruise across the ocean at sunset. This cruise allows you to enjoy the sun as it sets in the horizon over the ocean.

Also, it allows you to experience the moment when bats leave their caves and take to the sky after sunset. As soon as the sun sets, bats fill the sky and hide the last rays of the sun. This is an experience that will be a highlight of your cruise and will remain memorable.

Half day cruises

This is another cruise package that you can experience. It is a half day cruise that begins early in the morning and ends right after you have had your packed lunch. Lunch is experienced in the calm islands, picnic style.

You will be picked from the hotel to the Komodo National park then to the beautiful and tranquil Rinca Island for your lunch. Remember to carry your identification documents and entrance fees to the park.

Three nights and two days package

This is the most popular Komodo cruise package. It is an exclusive package that you get to experience aboard the unique Phinisi style boat christened the Lako’dia.

The Lako’dia is a uniquely shaped boat that has room for nine couples. It sails across the Indian Ocean for three nights and two days. In addition, it is manned by Ayana hotel staff to ensure that you get five-star service while on the cruise.

You will get to enjoy the tranquil nights as you cruise the Indian Ocean and stargaze the night skies. The days will be spent visiting diverse islands, snorkeling and deep-sea diving in the ocean.

Charter cruise

The charter cruise is a cruise on the hotel’s speed boat. The boat can be hired for half a day, full day or multiple day cruises.

Available water vessels for your Komodo cruise

The Ayana Lako’dia

This is the executive Phinisi style boat that has a capacity of eighteen people. It is a beautiful boat that is representative of the standards and quality of service offered at the Ayana hotels.

Multiple days and nights aboard this boat are filled with excitement and high-quality service.

The glass bottom boat

The glass bottom boat is a daily cruise boat that often provides the full day cruise. With its glass bottom, occupants are able to experience the marine life in the clear ocean.

With a capacity of thirty, occupants are able to sit comfortably for the duration of the cruise and enjoy it without much fuss.

The speed boat

This boat is available for charter cruises. It is often hired out by groups for short cruise excursions on the Indian Ocean.

It has a capacity of six and thus is suitable for small groups of friends.


There are numerous cruise packages available for your selection. Whichever package you select, you will have the time of your life as you cruise, dive and snorkel in the Indian Ocean.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen