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Work In Jaipur

Art and Crafts of Rajasthan Studio is a fundamental piece of the state. Each district and city of Rajasthan spends significant time in various art forms. It is marble carvings, miniature paintings or frescoes all show you the artistic virtuoso of the craftsmen of yesteryears which is alive till date in the form of Rajasthan Studio where we can interact with one the superior class world-renowned artists. If you are about to do Jaipur travel, you should check out the following things.

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Syed Shakir Ali

To get unique Indian experiences, you learn from the master the broad angles just as the quick and dirty of this workmanship called Miniature painting. The ace, Shakir Ali, has every one of the responses for you and can share his abundance of experience. You get to not just claim the experience-through brush and techniques; you can bring home the result of this experience and a mini painting if you please.

Mughal Painting

Ace Craftsman Syed Shakir Ali of Jaipur is a prestigious miniature painter who specializes in the Mughal style of painting. He was born in 1956. He has been painting from the age of fifteen in the wake of finishing graduation in 1978. He took up the guidance of famous painters, Ram Gopal Vijayvargiya and Ved Pal Sharma and (Bannu) to learn Mughal and company styles of painting just as traditional art. In 1981 he began showcasing his art in the exhibitions and demonstrations On 26th Jan. 2013 President of India honored Shakir Ali with the Padma Shri Award. His work is mixed with delicacy and fineness of strokes that uncover his authority over the technique of miniature painting.


The one of a unique place where there is ‘unity in diversity’ isn’t only a country yet rather an assortment of Unique experiences its heritage, history, culture, festivals, things to do, spots to visit, accommodation, food, and transport, every part of India is captivating.

Jaipur is a city brimming with experiences. Here is the thing that everything you ought to do in the Pink City for a vital and sensational retreat. Jaipur was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in July 2019, with its exemplary town planning and architecture being significant elements. At the point when you travel to Jaipur must visit the world-famous spots and you will have a lot of Jaipur things to do.

Airbnb Experiences

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen