Which Match Dating Sites Connect More Couples?

Which Match Dating Sites Connect More Couples

How can you find your perfect match on a dating site? 

Until quite recently most Americans regarded match dating services as something not very resultant, but today we observe a growing trust in them as more and more people have been able to find partners via the Internet and dating sites.

Is it possible to find your only one online?

The Internet has become a widely accepted means of communication since long ago, so it’s not a problem to find a free and easy company, but what if you are looking for a life partner? Is it as easy to meet them online? Surely, finding your perfect match is a hard task in general, but did you know that nowadays most couples are made thanks to online dating? A recent study by PNAS has affirmed this fact.

The research has shown that traditional ways of meeting a partner — for instance, through the friends or in the church — have been steadily losing their popularity, while online match dating sites become a typical place to meet your significant other.

Why look for a partner-to-be on a dating site?

The answer is our modern lifestyle itself as soon as we have much digitized it and there are rare activities left which we cannot carry out online. Then dating on a web site has become a simple and convenient way of meeting new people. There are several key factors which provide dating sites effectiveness, and they are as follows.

  • Easy access all over the world

It goes without saying, it’s more comfortable to meet someone in person — you are able to see their real physical appearance at once instead of relying upon their picture which can «differ a bit from the original». But sometimes you just do not have this someone in your environment with whom you would want to date, let alone build a serious relationship; and your workplace and friend just cannot help you with it.

On the other hand, match dating sites offer you access to millions of people and it’s simply impossible that there would be nobody matching you among them! To enter this diverse community you only have to choose a dating site and make an account with your match profile. Then you are ready to start.

  • Surrounded by fellow-thinkers

New dating sites differ much from the matchmaking agencies of the past. First, you have a great variety of them at your disposal. From the very beginning you are able to choose the exact people you are interested in as most sites assemble specific groups of users together and this can be a kind of beacon for you.

For instance, you may not bother about your age as almost all age groups have their own dating sites today. Even the younger generation tends to use online dating resources more and more actively and this is quite natural because they have been the first and the fastest to accept the digital life we have today.

However, there’s a choice for the youth, while the mature and single people often have no alternative. It is very important for singles over 40 and more to find like-minded people and those of them using dating sites who claim that lots of new contacts and romance have become a part of their life due to them.

Moreover, this is the very age when people desire a serious relationship and search after a real love. Statistics proves their chances are indeed good if they deliver themselves over into the hands of Providence… and of match dating sites.

Beside age variation, dating sites offer you a golden opportunity to search after a life partner among those having the same interests with you. This may include whatever you like. There are dating sites for people of the same profession, hobby, religion.

If you prefer a person of some other nation to become your soulmate, dating sites are ready to offer you international communication and their matchmaking service available worldwide.

  • Computer algorithms to calculate your perfect match

If you really intend to register on one of the match dating sites, choose that with a computer matching system which will select the most suitable company for you at the very first stage of your dating online.


Match dating sites require filling in a questionnaire (some can have a thousand of questions!) to get registered — the computer algorithm processes your data and you receive your first messages from the most matchable candidates. They have passed through this, too, so, this way of choosing the right match indeed works. Then, it’s up to you to build a life-time relationship.

  • More confidence — more happy couples

Today’s reality is that we hear constantly about married couples who first met on their online date. It looks like a self-simulating reaction — the more people find their perfect matches via dating sites, the more we are inclined to follow them.


A really stimulating factor here is that all match dating sites connect people who indeed intend to find their life partners — otherwise they would not have registered there! Thus, half the work is done and the rest is the art of making friends.

Are matchmaking dating sites worth paying?

In fact, most dating sites reputed to successfully connect couples are paid. The idea is that people who willingly pay for their dating site services actually have serious intentions and deserve confidence. Although the Internet itself is a risky place full of scammers, to a greater degree this opinion is true.

Moreover, multiple match dating reviews confirm that. Thus, over a number of years Match.com and eHarmony have maintained the leading positions among the dating sites which promise long-lasting relationships to their customers. They actually bring the biggest number of people together.

Being real titans of dating service, both these sites are free to register, but you will need to pay for more comfortable usage. Many people would say they are a bit old-fashioned, because their main aim is only serious relations between two individuals, but isn’t it the exact goal of yours?

If you have higher education and you prefer your life partner also to be an educated professional, EliteSingles must be the right choice for you. And if you are over 50, you can try SilverSingles. These and many other dating sites are perfectly designed for people who are ripe for building a family, and they can be very effective in it, but their free services are limited.

You should bear in mind that such sites usually provide reliable verification of their members in order to protect you from false identities and fraudsters which is often impossible to expect from free dating sites, so their fees are probably not for nothing.

These examples illustrate how most match dating sites work and that today’s single people have all chances to meet their destiny exactly on them. If you really want to find a serious match but still have doubts about signing in, just imagine that a pair of clicks divides you from your lovely one.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen