Places to Visit in Kenya

Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is a fantastic embodiment of natural aesthetics. A unique blend of wildlife and lush greenery keeps you gawking and never satisfied. You will be impressed by how nature, wildlife and human civilization harmonize in sync. In Eastern Africa, Kenya has diverse weather, highlands and lowlands, picturesque water bodies and vibrant culture.

The Kenyan experience is categorized into many national reserves to visit, beaches to sun-bath your skin, mountains and rocks to hike, historical monuments to spectate and diverse cultures to interact with. The Kenyan experience is scattered all around the 47 counties, so there are varieties of options to choose from when you visit Kenya. Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at casinosonlinecanadafor more fun.

Let us help you with a few suggestions that will spur you to visit the rest of Kenya.


Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and went it comes to tourism, the capital lives up to its expectation with an abundance of tourist sites. Nairobi is a very civilized location with so many sky-rising buildings, which will give you an aerial view of her magnificence. Deciding where to visit within Nairobi is a tough call, but it will keep your eyes longing, and that is a good thing. Some of the places to visit are National Museum, Railway Museum, Giraffe Centre, Elephant Orphan Centre, Uhuru Garden, Maasai Ostrich Farm, and Kenya National Archives, just to mention a few.

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Mombasa is along the Pacific Ocean in the southeast of Kenya. Where the Pacific Ocean is involved, there are bound to be many turquoise blue beaches and white sands. Mombasa is the perfect getaway spot for the summer, and staying indoors to hibernate will not cut it on this vacation. You have to see it all. The enthralling city of Mombasa is known for attractions like the Old Town, Bamburi Beach, Mombasa Tusks, South Coast Beaches, North Coast Beaches, Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary and the famous Mombasa Marine National Park. The essential traveling kits are energetic legs to work and long eyes to soak in all the beauty.


Hardly will you talk about Kenya without mentioning the Maasai natives? Narok, west of Nairobi, is home to the Maasai people. They have a vibrant culture that has been preserved years upon years of civilization. They have a solid communal bond, and the more you hear about their culture, the more you get blown away by how beautiful it is. You cannot leave Narok without having handcrafted shoes, bags or clothing from the Maasai people for a souvenir. And to earn some extra bucks, visit real money online casino games.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen