Your Options For The Best Choices

Your Options For The Best Choices

With our articles in the guide for beginners bettors, they are getting to know all the intricacies of the beginning of the journey in the new online sports betting world. In the bureaucratic part, we learned how to register with online sports betting shops, make deposits and withdrawals, in addition to exploring the welcome bonuses offered by bookmakers. In the most conceptual part, we learned a key point: bank management. We also talked about the easy method. We gave tips on how to keep your prognosis and the rules that each 토토 bettor needs to have to define their sports betting online.

Today, we will talk about a point that seems simple, but still leaves many beginning bettors with doubts, the knowledge of the markets for making the first sports bet, about how to bet on the markets defined by the online bookmakers.

Football Betting Dominates The Online Sports Betting Market

Among all the sports in the world, football is entirely dominant in its options for bettors, too. According to the existing data, more than 80% of the bets placed worldwide are directed to the football markets. Therefore, it is very natural to imagine that your first sports bet made on an online betting site will be in some football market. The option variables for football betting are large. The bettor can choose bets on the number of goals, for the number of fouls or corners, for example. Below, we will talk about the first sports betting options in the most used markets in football.

Market 1 × 2 The Dry Bet

This is certainly the best known market in the online sports betting world. How to bet on this market is quite simple. Possibly, the market is chosen for the first sports bet by many bettors. This market is nothing more than a bet for the winner of the match, without any major obstacles. It is that bet that you make with your friend, at the bar, etc. The 1 in question, represents the “principal” team. The X, represents the tie in the match. The 2 represents the victory of the “visiting” team. Because it gives you only a 33% chance of getting your bet right (option 1 with 33.3%, option X with 33.3% and option 2 with 33.3%), this market is the one that usually pays best in betting on football betting results.

Bet On The Number Of Goals That Will Happen In The Match Over And Under

If you think it is difficult to bet on which team will be able to win the match, how about betting for both to get along on the pitch? Yes, it is possible. For both to do well, they will have to score goals. Therefore, the bet that will have many goals in the match the so-called “over” may be the best option for your first sports bet. The most used option is Over 2.5 Goals (Over 2.5). If you are more cautious, you can go to Over 1.5 goals, for example.

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