5 Ways to Benefit From Using All Good Handcrafted Healing Balm

5 Ways to Benefit From Using All Good Handcrafted Healing Balm

When it comes to the health of our skin, it is important to be selective and partial about the products you use and trust, especially when your skin is damaged or injured. Organic skincare is always a better choice, made with all natural ingredients and treating the skin with vitamins, oils, and other naturally found compounds as opposed to chemicals or man made ingredients. Of course, it’s always ideal to find an all in one product that you can trust to treat all kinds of skin worries such as chapped lips, sunburn, chafing, and so on. That is why All Good handcrafted healing balm is such an amazing find for skincare lovers of all walks of life. Let’s dive into all the fantastically natural benefits of this life changing balm. 

Life on the Go

Being an outdoorsy person can take a huge toll on your skin. From sunburns and chapped lips, to bug bites and blisters. All Good balm is chocked full of vitamin E, beeswax and lavender for relief and soothing, and can be used to treat all of these common on the go problems. A perfect product to keep in a backpack on a hike, packed with a first aid kit for camping or road trips, or even to throw in a duffle bag for a day at the beach. No matter where life takes you, All Good has you covered. 

With the Kids

Naturally, parents tend to be wary about what kind of products they use to treat cuts, scrapes and burns on their small children. All Good balm is a natural alternative to the creams and ointments you may be tempted to reach for at the drugstore. Vitamin E, plantain and extra virgin olive fruit oil are among the natural ingredients that help to soothe and heal the skin organically, without any harmful chemicals, parabens, or listed ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. It even works wonders to soothe diaper rash, gentle and safe enough to use on even the most vulnerable and cherished youngins. 

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Great for Athletes 

Properties of ingredients like yarrow, comfrey ,calendula oil, and lavender promote healing for any worn or damaged skin such as cracked heels, dry hands, or blisters. Delivering a powerful punch of moisture and acting as an anti-inflammatory, you can apply All Good on almost any skin concern and get real and natural results. You can even use it before workouts to prevent chafing, irritation and blistering, keeping your workouts comfortable and easy on your skin. 

Cruelty Free Healing

Made from all naturally occurring, organic ingredients and manufactured with a conscience. Handcrafted healing balm is skincare you can trust and feel good about, no matter your lifestyle. Vegan and cruelty free means anyone can harness the skin rejuvenation and healing properties of this life changing balm without worry of morals or intentions. All Good healing balm is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their skin moisturized and healthy, while feeling good about doing so. 

Use it on Everything! 

The list can go on and on of what you can use this balm to heal and soothe, and since it is made with no parabens, chemicals, or fillers, you can really put it on anything you can think of! From stretch marks, to eczema, even to scrapes and burns, this balm can soothe it all. Organic and all natural ingredients means there is no guessing game on how much is too much, or what areas of your body it can or can’t be used on. Made with you and your family in mind, All Good balm is made to take the worry out of caring for the health of your skin.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen