6 Coed Bachelorette Party Ideas For a Party You’ll Never Forget

6 Coed Bachelorette Party Ideas For a Party You’ll Never Forget

Coed bachelorette parties are becoming popular as people embrace celebrities like Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, who did it. While you can have a separate bachelor and bachelorette party, having one event can work to your budgetary advantage.

You can also have a coed bachelorette party to kill two birds with one stone, especially if you have many events before your wedding. If you have common friends with your spouse-to-be, a coed bachelorette party will bring them together.

Planning a coed bachelorette party can be tasking as you want all parties to fit in the activities and have fun. Here are six coed bachelorette party ideas to help with the planning.

1. A Sleepover At A Camp

Most coed bachelorette party ideas are sleepovers, but you can make yours unique by going to a camp. Even better, consider an island such that you can cruise to your destination and enjoy activities like fishing and water sports.

2. Have A Boat Party

Renting a party boat is one of the underestimated coed bachelorette party ideas. You can rent a boat from a cruising company and allow your team to bond while on transit as they enjoy the amazing scenery on the water.

Here are more reasons to consider a boat party as your top coed bachelorette party idea.

  • You will have the privacy you need, as only invited guests will attend
  • Most providers will plan your event, and you only need to show up
  • The venue will be solely for your event
  • You can access service providers, including photographers and DJ
  • The venue is safe, courtesy of the crew members, and you don’t have to worry if your friends become intoxicated
  • You can enjoy other activities like swimming as you party

3. A Game Night

If your friends are competitive, turn your party into a showdown by hosting competitions between the bride and groom’s friends. Consider relay games, touch ball, or softball. You can also play classic board games and naughtier card games to excite and engage your crew. To spice up the event, have prizes and trophies to motivate the winning team.

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4. Attend A Festival

Attending festivals during your coed bachelorette party is ideal if you rent out a party boat, but you can still plan independently. Restaurants often have festivals, and you can hop in with your team and have fun. For better planning, check your provider’s calendar to know the best time to have your party.

5. Visit An Amusement Park

If you want to connect with your inner child while adventuring, consider an amusement park as one of your coed bachelorette party ideas. You can enjoy carnival games, rides, and tasty foods in theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney World.

6. Group Alcohol Tasting

An alcohol treat offers a way to cheer your marital bliss. You can taste your beverage by visiting a distillery, winery, or brewery, or use this opportunity to brainstorm the drinks you will serve on your wedding day.

Try-Out A Coed Bachelorette Party

Bringing your friends together to celebrate your upcoming wedding with a coed bachelorette party will make your experience memorable. Depending on your idea, plan early and contact the providers for budget and activity details.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen