6 Things You Need to Know About Warner Bros Studio Tour

6 Things You Need to Know About Warner Bros Studio Tour

If you are a film lover, there is a lot you can learn about films by taking a studio tour, and Warner Bros has something for you. You can enjoy behind-the-scenes tours in the studio in Central London. You already know that there are films and television shows, some very popular, that have been made in the studio. Therefore, you get a one-on-one experience in the studio, and if you are an epic and adventure movie lover, you will significantly benefit from Harry Potter UK. Before you go, here are exciting things you should know.

1. The Studio is Huge

The studio is vast, almost the size of a whole city. That means you may have to go around in buggies since it can be tedious to walk through. The size of the studio is one of the significant reasons it is a hotspot in London.

2. You Have a Guide

The best thing about the tours is that you will have a guide driving you around some famous sets. Here, you can see some of the things that happen backstage. Not all places are guided. You may be left alone at some point to explore and grab some drinks before continuing. You can also buy a Warner Bros souvenir to take home.

3. There Will Be Real Sets

You will come across real sets, some of which might even show on the same day. However, the scene you see will depend on what is being filmed. You may also walk into empty sets.

4. You Learn a Lot of Things

An experienced and learned person guides the tour. Therefore, be ready to learn about everything in Warner Bros studios and how films are made. There are a lot of secrets you will know, things that you cannot notice in the movie. There is also a lot you will learn about the artists in the studio and maybe how they live their life and their personality besides filming.

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5. There Are a Lot of Opportunities

The studio is full of opportunities. Do you have a specific or favorite actor you would like to meet? If you are lucky enough to come across them in the studio, this is the opportunity. You can also try out some of the actors’ actions, like riding on Harry Potter’s broom or Batman’s ride. In fact, you can play an actor on the set and take pictures.

6. It is a Bit Expensive

There are a lot of exciting things and adventurous experiences in the studio. Furthermore, there are many conveniences since you are picked up and dropped off by a luxurious coach, not to mention the guide and amenities on the bus. Therefore, expect it to be expensive. An adult may pay around $92, but it is worth it. There will also be additional costs like using some of the things actors use or taking a professional picture with a famous actor.


These are exciting things you should know about Warner Bros studio tours. A tour takes around 4 hours, but you will have the best experience. Therefore, prepare for the most fantastic experience in the studio.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen