A Brief Guide on All-Inclusive Holiday Packages for First-Timers

A Brief Guide on All-Inclusive Holiday Packages for First-Timers

Planning to have a trip around Oceania? Keeping Fiji on the list might just make the trip more exciting.

The South-Pacific island country is actually an archipelago of more than 300 islands. Thanks to the diverse landscape of palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, and transparent lagoons. Fiji is called the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’ for its adventurous diving and snorkeling sites.

Looking for accommodations, the best option is to choose Fiji all inclusive travel packages. Those who don’t know what that is, well, this article will solve all doubts. Consider reading till the end to know the most important things about all-inclusive holiday packages.

All-Inclusive Vacation Resort – What is it?

An all-inclusive vacation is one that has all the essentials included in the booking price. So, unlike regular bookings, where only the accommodation costs are counted, here, one can expect food, drinks, activities, entertainment and everything else included. A true and genuine inclusive package will never have any sudden or hidden surprise costs and will make way for a completely hassle-free vacation.

Therefore, an all-inclusive vacation resort ensures visitors have an exciting time without worrying about any cost. Once ordering what you want on the trip beforehand, you can even roam without your wallet. (don’t try this, though)

Do all All-Inclusive Resorts have the Same Benefits?

In simple terms, no. Not all resorts come under the same brand umbrella, so no is the answer. And even if you consider choosing the same brand when choosing a resort in a different place, chances are you’ll get similar services and benefits. But, overall, there will always be specific differences.

Researching and double-checking are hence very crucial before choosing an all-inclusive package in Fiji. Only after researching will you get to have a clear and better understanding of what options are available. Before you complete the payment, carefully inspect every detail to know beforehand what is included in the package.

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What Probable Questions to Ask the Company?

It is better to stay safe than have doubts and questions later. Therefore, before booking the resort and its all-inclusive services, make sure you have answers to some of the most essential questions. If you don’t, then these are the questions to put before the resort company –

  • Does the resort arrange airport transfers?
  • Are alcoholic beverages included in the package? If yes, what brands are offered?
  • Can visitors eat and drink at any time in 24 hours?
  • What kind of cuisine is offered at the resort?
  • Does the mini-bar stay filled with stock, or does it need to be paid separately?
  • What water sports or other activities are available inside the package?
  • Are there any kids-only or kids-special activities?
  • Is Wi-Fi available both in the resort rooms and common areas?
  • Are tips and taxes included in the package?

Final Words

Average all-inclusive resort prices per night are around $150 to $430 in Fiji. The average price per person is around $2,577. Prices can get pretty cheap and as low as $875. However, the final price depends on what travelers choose to have in the package. So, do Fiji all inclusive resorts do justice to your money?

Well, that depends. It depends on how much you want to have in the package. Until you are willing to pay for the inclusions you love, all-inclusive resorts are definitely worth your pennies.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen