Documents Needed To Move Overseas

Documents Needed To Move Overseas

Moving overseas has some requirements needed to pass and accomplish. This needs to be completed and filed before you can be approved of moving. Some of these are the documents to be compiled.

Therefore, you must first list down the following documents you must have in your hands before attempting to travel and live in other places.


Passport is a piece of documentation that is issued by the country of origin. It is a booklet that consists of your personal information like name, birthplace, birth date, and other details that will identify your identity.

Most of the countries across the globe require presentation of passport before you enter through their borders. It is also important to serve as your identification card or ID to prove your identity, citizenship, and nationality.

You can easily get your passport through your United States Department of State. You must visit and request a passport. You will be asked to present your details and a recent photo of your passport.

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Besides the passport, you also need to apply for a visa. Visa is a piece of paper that approves the length of your stay in a particular place at a specific period. It also identifies your main purposes of traveling to their place.

You may request a visa to the embassy of the country you plan to move to. If you plan to stay and live in their country, you must apply for a residency visa. This will permit you to move there.

Consulate of different countries has varieties of protocol and additional requirement for requisition of visa. Thus, you must search and ask for the other requirements/

Birth Certificate And Social Security Card

Both these documents, birth certificate, and social security card must be presented to the consulate of the country you will be moving in. This will prove your identity and personal background information. This will also help to identify your state of origin.

You can request it easily from the office of your state. Kindly make several copies of these documents for easier distribution to different agencies.

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Other Documents

Minor requirements must also be considered for easier moving overseas or internationally. You must now compile several copies of your medical records, dental records, marriage certificate, divorce papers, child custody papers, power of attorney, driver’s license, tax records, insurance cards, living will, adaptation papers, and others.

Other Requirements To Move Overseas

There are still lots of important aspects to be accomplished before moving internationally. For more information on how to move overseas, you may check Escape Artist. They are international strategies for globally-minded.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen