Females Developing Startups Across Asia

Females Developing Startups Across Asia

Times have changed and today women are no longer seen as housewives but rather they have made their mark in the businessworld as well. Women have broken the rules of staying home and have stepped in the field of business to hold the sky equally with men sharing their burden. Today women entrepreneurs have entered the business world with their creative ideas and have earned themselves a good name.

Female Startup Founders Earning Well Enough

Many women who have entered the digital market have earned the market more than men as well. Social media influencers have turned the game and are making a whole lot of money. The trend has found its way in Asia as well. Since 2014 women are trying their best to show off their talent and make their mark in the market. Women come up with various mind changing ideas and their unique ideas attract the market towards them.

Support For Women Entrepreneurs

Today many organizations are established that help to support women ideas that are brought forward by them. If you are a female with impressive business ideas then look for such trust-worthy organizations that can support your ideas. These organizations offer different packages for your business ideas. Below mentioned is a brief outlook regarding organizations that support Women in Startups in Asia.

Startup Lady

  • Number one on the list is Startup Lady. With about 700 members, it is the fastest growing support organization for women entrepreneurs. The three certified women behind this idea are Moeko Suzuki, Amee Xu and Steffie Harner. They started off with a handful number of members and have now grown their organization. They started with the idea to promote gender equality in the business world and have been quite successful in doing so. You can trust them with your business ideas. In 2016, the organization was built to provide women with equal opportunities to represent their ideas. Working with them shall be a good experience.

Asia Women Impact Fund

  • The organization started off with an idea to see a future where women have a good mark in the business world. They wanted to provide women with all kinds of opportunities and promote gender equality in the work field. They conduct projects for helping out women. The projects are carried out in Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. They help women in reaching their potential. They support all kinds of women projects. They provide financial support to women for their business ideas.

Visit their websites and get access to complete information regarding their views.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen