Highest RTP slots to play online

Highest RTP slots to play online

Whenever players are selecting an online slot game to use, the main thing that they will look for is a favourable RTP percentage. This tells them how much return they can expect from a game, in most players eyes the higher the RTP is the better – claim 500 free spins.

What is the RTP

The RTP is something that can be found with all slot games, it is usually located within the paytable. The RTP stands for return to player and it is essentially a percentage that informs players how much return they can expect to receive from a slot game. This percentage will usually be around 95% however it can deviate depending on which game you are using, with some slots having an RTP as high as 99%! The RTP is an incredibly useful concept for a player as it can help them make a decision as to which slot game to play. One thing that players should bear in mind about the RTP is that it is not a guarantee, it is simply an indication as to how much return a player should expect to receive.

Slot Volatility Importance

Although slot RTP is very important, it is not the only factor that players should consider when it comes to slot gaming. The volatility of a game is almost as important as the RTP because it can affect the payout the player will receive from a slot reel spin.

  1. Volatility is a simple concept, it is essentially the amount of risk involved in a slot game. This means that games with higher amounts of volatility will be much riskier investments for players. This is because higher volatility slots will payout on a much more infrequent basis than regular slots, however when they eventually do payout it will be a larger amount.
  2. Slots with lower volatility are the opposite, they will payout much more frequently for players yet the amounts that players will receive will be much smaller than usual. Slots with lower volatility are ideal for players who have a smaller budget, whilst higher volatility slots are best for players with a bigger budget.

Slot Games with the Highest RTP You Can Play Online – Review Fix

Highest Rtp Slot Games

While the average RTP for a slot game is around 95%, there are some slot games where this number is different. Some games will offer players a much higher RTP than average. The following are some of the highest RTP slot games available for players to use.

  • Ugga Bugga – This slot game was developed by Playtech and it is a game that players will love thanks to its amazing RTP of 99%! This slot also has a fun, light hearted tropical theme for players to enjoy, ensuring they will have a great time.
  • Mega Joker – Developed by NetEnt, this is a classic slot that players who love real life slot machines will enjoy. Alongside the classic design and layout is the amazing RTP percentage, a whooping 99%.

Final Thoughts

There are many great slot games which feature a generous RTP for players to enjoy, some as high as 99%!


Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen