Ideas for a Fun Yet Affordable Vacation

Ideas for a Fun Yet Affordable Vacation

It’s been a few years since the start of the Covid pandemic, and things are starting to feel normal enough that many people are vacationing again. Whether anxious to travel due to health concerns or simply not in the mood, many of us have missed out on a good, relaxing vacation in the last few years. Not to mention how expensive vacations can sometimes be.

If you find yourself tired, overworked, or simply needing a break, but you’re concerned about breaking your budget, that’s no problem. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get the rest and relaxation you need. Here are a few tips on how to vacation on a budget.

The Art of The Staycation

A great low-cost vacation doesn’t necessarily require you to leave your home at all. When you’re in need of a break but don’t have much to spend, you can bring the vacation to you. If you’re able to temporarily transform your home from the place you live and do chores to a relaxing getaway, a staycation may be for you.

Stock up on plenty of things like snacks and some activities so you can focus on your rest instead of running out to buy things. Set aside some funds to order takeout and buy some paper plates and plastic cutlery to avoid having to do dishes. If you really want to properly relax, have a supply of marijuana on hand as well (provided it’s legal in your area of course.) Bake some edibles beforehand or try a new variety like grease monkey strain to help you chill out and enjoy your vacation.

You can also turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. Try some bubble baths or bath bombs in the tub, or buy some face masks or any oils or lotions that look interesting. You can give yourself a manicure or simply soak in the tub for a while as you listen to relaxing music. A spa treatment, even a DIY one, with help you decompress and help you feel refreshed and recharged.

While you’re relaxing at home, consider taking a break from social media or even the internet as a whole. Many of us dedicate a lot of time to the internet, but it can be incredibly beneficial to focus on yourself for a while instead of worrying over the news on Twitter or mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Every once in a while our brains could use a break from all that stimulus, so unplugging for a time can really help you relax, decrease your anxiety, and increase your mindfulness.

On The Road Again

If you’d prefer to travel rather than stay home for your vacation, consider taking a road trip. Air travel is great for getting somewhere quickly, but with a car, you can make the journey itself part of the fun. Driving with friends or family can be a great and low-cost vacation.

When planning any trip, how you get there is a big decision you have to make. Though flying can be very convenient, it can also be expensive and stressful. You have to pay for your luggage, which has a chance of being lost, you have to go through security, and flights can always be delayed or completely canceled. When driving to your destination, you’re mostly in control. There are factors like traffic and construction of course, but you’re not at the mercy of the airline company to decide what you can do about these things. And while you still have to pay for things like gas and hotels, those expenses are usually far less than plane tickets, so be sure to compare the two travel methods before making a choice.

Plan out your trip carefully and schedule an extra day or two to account for any issues like traffic or bad weather. Research the route you’ll be taking as well so you can plan any stops you’d like to make along the way for sightseeing, eating, or places to stay the night. To curb any periods of boredom during long drives, create a music playlist or have a few driving games on hand. You can even listen to a podcast or audiobook if you’re so inclined. Also discuss with whoever is coming with you who’ll be driving and when. Be sure to take frequent breaks as driving while you’re very tired or unfocused can be dangerous.

Do Your Research

Whatever you decide to do for your vacation, make sure to do some research beforehand. Not only can this help you plan and decide what specifically you’d like to do on your vacation, but you can also prevent unexpected complications from being prepared in advance.

Search for discounts or special deals on travel websites. You can find lower rates on hotels, airline tickets, or even packages at certain resorts or other travel destinations. See if there are any special offers for birthdays and try to plan your vacation around yours or a friend’s. Or see if tickets or reservations are simply cheaper during certain times of the year.

Be sure to prioritize your schedule to get the most out of your vacation. Make a list of everything you’d like to do and sort everything in order of priority. This way you’ll be sure to have time and money for any musts on your list, while only lower-priority activities may be skipped. If you’re traveling with friends or family collaborate on this list with them to assure that everyone gets to do what they want.

Vacations are great ways to relax, but can sometimes be stressful and expensive. Taking a break to focus on yourself shouldn’t be difficult, so make sure to focus on your rest so you can be recharged once it’s all over.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen