Sightseeing In Kansas City: 3 Tour Ideas You Should Try

Sightseeing In Kansas City: 3 Tour Ideas You Should Try

Kansas City is amongst the most vibrant hubs of the Midwest. It’s a big city with the charm of a small town. While many people flock to Kansas City for the amazing barbecue, there are a lot of fun activities and tours in Kansas.

From the family-friendly attractions, museums, street art, brewery tours, and jazz clubs, there’s much to fill your cup while touring Kansas. From the world of athletics to culinary adventure, there’s a lot to explore. Kansas welcomes all travelers. Whether on a couples trip, solo adventure, or family vacation, there’s something for everyone!

Here are three ideas you shouldn’t miss on your itinerary when sightseeing Kansas city.

1.  Explore The Famous Kansas City Fountains

Kansas City has had a love affair with fountains as early as the late 1800s. City leaders desired more fountains than Rome and more boulevards than Paris. Kansas City is home to over 200 fountains. The earliest fountains served as watering homes for animals and residents. Later on, more fountains were created for beautification and as memorials.

For a fun day of fountain hopping when sightseeing in Kansas City, start at the city’s most photographed, Mill Creek Fountain. The fountain was made in Paris in the early 1900s, later brought to Kansas City, and erected in its namesake park.

Do not miss out on the spectacle that is the towering sprouts of the famous Henry Wollmah Bloch Fountain. The fountain boats of 232 immaculately positioned water jects. If on a family trip, take your little ones to the Crown Centre Square fountain, where they can dance to the sprays that are choreographed to match the recorded performances of the Kansas City Symphony.

2.  Visit A Distiller When Sightseeing In Kansas City

You haven’t been sightseeing in Kansas City until you have visited their distilleries. Kansas City is known for having had a drinking scene even in prohibition under corrupt bosses like Tom Pendergast. The devotion to drinks in the red-light city was carried forth to date. You’ll find top-notch distilleries in Kansas City.

Enjoy an immersive tour of the breweries as you learn about their process. Many breweries have operated for decades with unique and refined techniques to make the best drinks. Stop by tasting rooms and let your taste buds explore Kansas City’s craft beer, gins, vodka, and cocktails.

3. Explore The Murals In Kansas City

Feast your eyes on amazing murals while sightseeing in Kansas City. The city is home to some of the best galleries and museums in the Midwest. Start in the Vine district and view murals celebrating the snazzy jazz history in Kansas.

Head over to the far end corner of Westport road and West 43rd Street to see a painting to see the newly painted Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Finish your tour at Main and 17th Streets to see the Chief’s Kingdom Mural created in honor of Kansas City’s football championship team.

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More Than Just The Barbeque

Kansas City continues to host massive volumes of travelers seeking to explore its offerings. There’s much to enjoy, from the people to the history, barbeque, and museums. Immerse yourself in a charming city by indulging in our top three ideas. Eat, drink, view, and make as merry as possible while touring Kansas.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen