The Spotlights to Visit in Zanzibar

The Spotlights to Visit in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a tourist haven situated on one of Tanzania’s islands. Zanzibar has a celebrated rich culture and is blessed with beaches and the purest of white sand. On your tour, you will see their preserved history in monumental museums and old cities. You can be sure you’ll not run out of places to visit and marvel at in Zanzibar because each tourist site you go to keeps you wanting more.

In Zanzibar, you can shop till you drop dead in their markets, absorb historical events in a stimulating way, take walks on the many beaches lined along the Indian ocean and snap lots of pictures for the gram in the picturesque blend of natural colours of the beach. You know how beach pictures sync with the vast blue sky, white sands, and the water’s unending beautiful colour of the water.

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Stone Town

Stone Town gives you a feel of the ancient city of Zanzibar. The stone buildings take you back to the antique architectural structures you read about in books. If you fancy street food, almost every turn you take is laced with a blend of spices and mixed Arabian, Persian, and European delicacies.

Nungwi Beach

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You will explore your inner child on this beach with barefooted walks on the pristine sands. You will encounter islanders mingling with visitors and have a good interaction with them. Also, you can find sanctuary in the resorts and lodges on the Island that were made to give tourists the perfect holiday getaway.

Palace Museum

The museum was built in 1883 by the second sultan of Zanzibar, Sayyid Sir Barghash bin Said Al- Busaid. It currently houses wealthy royal relics such as furniture, clothing, and writing sheets. Knowing about a people and australian pokies online will help you understand and enjoy the people and, by extension, your vacation.

Prison Island

Prison Island was a slave camp during the slave trade era. However, time and civilization have restored and redeemed the Island into a beautiful tourist site. The waters are perfect for snorkeling or hanging out with giant tortoises. The beachy feel is exhilarating and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen