Trollishly: 5 Quick Wins To Improve Your YouTubeTravel Video Engagement Rate

Trollishly: 5 Quick Wins To Improve Your YouTubeTravel Video Engagement Rate

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that makes it easy to watch online videos. After the development of the internet, no one can deny that they were unaware of Youtube. It was the leading video-sharing platform that the digital era has witnessed. Although many platforms with different functionalities and features have been raised in the online world, YouTube remains classic always. YouTubealso never leaves its stardom till now. As with the changes in digitalization, YouTubealso dynamically upgraded its standards.

YouTube is still one of the leading social media platforms worldwide. Nearly YouTube has 2.5 billion active users worldwide. YouTube is already a saturated platform, so if you are a new Youtuber, then the competition is heavy. But on the other side, YouTube is a user-friendly platform, and creators don’t need special skills to post a video on youtube. In recent years, there have been no niche videos that are left untouched on youtube. If you are a Youtuber who wants to acquire tremendous growth on the platform, you can buy youtube shorts likes and grow your reach organically.

Why Is Engagement On YouTubeImportant?

Similar to all the other apps, the priority of videos on the front row for viewers is based on the criteria of the counts of likes, comments, shares, subscribers, etc. It is collectively calculated as the engagement rate. If your engagement rate is higher, it emphasizes that your audience is enjoying your content. Moreover, for businesses, the engagement rate helps to measure the performance of the videos. YouTubers can reframe their strategies for upcoming videos by calculating the engagement rate.


The algorithm for online media is quite impossible to predict. There is no designed framework to crack the YouTubealgorithm, which changes dynamically. However, as the app is working on a long-term and there is the presence of numerous creators, the platform’s algorithm functioning is quite familiar to many people. YouTubers have different content styles and posting schedules, but they have designated their own guidelines. Some tactics may click and get them going on the platform, while others need improvement.

In this article, you can see the tips and tricks to make your videos more visible on youtube. Then, rank higher and better by following the below information.

5 Tips To Improve Engagement Rate On YouTube

1. Have Consistent Posts

A proven way to improve engagement is to post consistently on YouTube. Once you have a significant number of viewers, then make them keep coming back to your account. Moreover, getting more subscribers would be best, so your video will be seen as soon as you post the content. Finally, make sure your content is quite compelling.

2. Understand Your Audience’s Perspective

In the age of fast- information, people will have no time to wait. So if you provide them with a quick and compelling message within the first 3 seconds, you can win the hearts of millions. You can tweak the best things from your insights and shall deliver a better video. Make sure you give them what your audience wants! Grab their thoughts and perspective and represent them in your videos.

3. Encourage Shares, Likes, And Comments

When you watch out for most of the YouTubers’ videos, the end line will be ‘Like, share and comment on our video.’ But have you ever found the reason why they are emphasizing it? First, it generates leads and increases your viewership, automatically improving online engagement. Moreover, if you want to amplify your online exposure, then try using Trollishly and stay ahead of the curve.

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4. Focus On SEO Optimization

First, understand search engine optimization and how it works with youtube. It includes keyword optimization that is related to industry niches. For example, you can add keywords in the title, video description, or even on-screen text when you post a video. You can also use third-party tools to make your video SEO- friendly, and thus you can enhance the YouTubeengagement level.

5. Work On Thumbnails

Make your first impression the best for your audience. The YouTubethumbnail is the first picture that attracts the audience. When you check on the popular videos, the thumbnail will be appealing and relevant to your video. So marketers can focus on the thumbnail for better engagement. Your thumbnail should be a high-quality image, text, and color scheme.


The success of YouTubecomes from continuous planning and efforts. You can try using Trollishly, and it shall boost your online presence. On the whole, if you follow all these tips, then your travel video will have sky-high reach. We hope the above 5 tips will help you maintain and increase your YouTube channel engagement. If you find the above article thought-provoking, you can leave your comments below. Thanks for reading the article! Happy tiktoking!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen