What Are The Signs Of A Failing Aircon Compressor?

Aircon Compressor

Aircons make our life easier by removing heat and humidity. The compressor is the core of the air conditioner. A compressor radiates excess heat from the aircon system and, therefore, allows the surroundings at the evaporator to cool. High usage hours or severe environmental parameters can cause the compressor to be overloaded and fail prematurely.

With a keen eye, the signs of a failing aircon compressor can be observed. If the problem is rectified in time, you can save thousands of dollars in an expensive repair. Aircon repairs are costly in Singapore and compressor replacement may go upwards of SGD 1500. Here are some of the common signs of a weak or failing compressor.

  1.  Hard-start: Rattling metallic noise emanating from the aircon is suggestive of compressor issues. When you turn the AC on, if there is a “hard-start” which means unusual jerking, vibrations or noises, it is a sign of a compressor problem.

An electrical switch called relay start the aircon compressor. It makes a normal clicking noise control when the switch closes. If you hear many such sounds before the compressor starts, have your aircon inspected by a trained professional.

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  1.  Higher temperature:If you’re not getting the cold air as you previously used to, check for clogged coils and filters. If the coils and filters are clean, it could indicate a problem with the aircon compressor.

There could be two reasons for airflow at a higher temperature

  • Lack of refrigerant pressure in the system
  • Inability of the compressor to pressurize the refrigerant to the required level

In the second case, you may get the compressor inspected by a professional.

  1.  Tripped circuit breakers:If the compressor is failing, or is faulty, it may draw excess current from the circuit. This causes the circuit breakers to trip. If the frequency of circuit breaker tripping has increased significantly, especially during hotter weather, it is a definite sign of a bad compressor.

A failing compressor cannot maintain the set temperature and works continuously trying to remove excess heat. This places more wear on not only the compressor but also the electrical circuit.

  1.  Vibration in the outdoor unit:In the outdoor unit, the compressor, apart from the fan, is the only component with moving parts inside. If the outdoor unit is vibrating or shaking unusually, there is a mechanical problem with the aircon compressor.

If inspected and rectified in time, you can prevent a complete failure of the unit, thus saving a substantial amount of money.

  1.  Compressor oil leakage:An aircon compressor is a sealed unit, and so is the entire piping and evaporator system. If you notice oil of any component, it is coming from the compressor indicating a leak and potential failure.

How to prevent premature failure of aircon compressors?

Preventive maintenance contracts are the best way to extend the life of your aircon system. By subscribing to one, you can have professionals inspect the units periodically and preempt failure saving a lot of money. Read in Thai: https://www.thaicasinocenter.org

You may opt for the manufacturer’s preventive maintenance schedule. It is, however, costlier than private service providers, who do an equally good job.

Regular servicing of the aircon is the best way to prevent premature failure. Compressors go bad when they are overloaded due to dirt build-up on the coils. A non-serviced aircon loses 5% efficiency every year. To maintain the required temperature, parts inside the system have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. This causes immense wear on the compressor.

Repair or replace?

Aging units are harder to repair due to excessive wear, and, often, non-availability of spare parts, especially for ancient models. Repairing a faulty compressor on an old unit may not be worth if the unit has served its lifetime. For example, if you find your 7-year-old aircon’s compressor failing, it may not be worth getting it repaired, or even replaced.

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Parts, when they get this old, are susceptible to sudden failure. Even if you replace one or two parts, you may have to shell out more money on some other failed component.

In such a case, it is prudent to discard the previous unit and buy a new aircon. There is a difference in efficiency between an old and a new aircon. For a 7-year-old unit, a new aircon may require up to 20% less energy for the same amount of cooling.

You can, therefore, save a lot in electricity bills. This alone may be sufficient to justify discarding the previous aircon and buying a new one. For repairing or installation of new aircon in Singapore, you can engage MCL Airconditioning at https://mclaircon.com/ for good quality work with affordable price. MCL is aircon servicing company in Singapore. They offer aircon service singapore 24 hours.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen