Nile Cruises: 10 Things To See And Do


Deep, in the heart of Africa lies the world’s longest river – the Nile. It flows through a kingdom of breathtaking landscapes, where exotic species of animals live and where colourful cultures depend on its waters to survive. It was once a home to ancient Egyptians, who strongly believed that the river was a god, who could punish or reward them. It attracted explorers, adventurers, and scientists, who flocked here to see this wonder.

Nowadays the river is still a mystery to many, but also a source of entertainment and a symbol of luxury. Nile Cruises are very popular among visitors, who choose to come here to try out this type of holidaying once afforded only to ancient Egyptians.

Memphis Tours Egypt has been organizing this type of excursions for many years and supplying its guests with unforgettable memories, adventure, and luxury. As soon as you step on one of their vessels you will find yourself on an Egyptian-style floating palace. Sailing with Memphis Tours will leave you rested, relaxed and wanting to explore the area even more.

Going on a journey with Memphis Tours doesn’t only mean you will be relaxing and entertaining. It also means seeing exotic sights and visiting amazing, breathtaking places. Here are five must do things while on a Nile Cruise.

See the Nile from above

This is a great start, or end, to your cruise. Witness the sun rising over the Nile and enjoy spectacular views from your own, private hot air balloon. You will be driven to an open field at a crack of dawn and just before the sun rises, you will ascend to greet the day and take some stunning photos. You can arrange this tour through your cruise operator, or you can do it on your own.

Sail a falooka to Aswan

West Bank Aswan is a very beautiful area of the river Nile, full of birds, plant life, and sand mountains. The best way to explore it is renting a falooka – a sailboat, which will take you through the stunning landscapes. Renting a falooka is not very complicated. You can do it in one of the cruise ports. It’s good to remember that you can easily negotiate a price, so try to bargain a little.

In Aswan you will find Nubian villages – relicts of the past times, where people still live modestly and quietly, far away from modern distractions. They are famous for their crocodile keepers and wedding celebrators as well as their hospitality and sunny disposition.

Go off the beaten path

Have you ever wondered how people live outside of the major cities and tourists spots? While Aswan is definitely an area you must see, there are also many other places to visit. Try the towns of Kom Ombo and Edfu. You might have heard about them and their treasures – Horus Temple of Edfu and Haeoris Temple of Kom Ombo, but there is more. Wander around the streets of these towns, visit parks and local restaurants. Take your time and allow Memphis Tours to organise your time and entertain you.

Discover the Abu Simbel Temple

If you have some extra time to spend, visit this remarkable gem. It’s located several hours’ drive from Aswan, in the heart of the lake Naser. The trip to reach it might be quite long and tiring, but the site will leave you amazed. The temple is enormous and makes an incredible impression on visitors.

See the Karnak temple

Karnak is one of the most important Pharaonic sites in Egypt. It used to be the main hub of the ancient Egyptians, a home to the gods and the ruling caste. It took around 1,300 years to build a vast array of temples, courts, and halls. This is probably one of the first sites you will visit while on your Nile cruise. Don’t miss it! It’s a great opportunity to see and witness the ancient engineering.

Take a tour of Luxor temples

Not far from the Karnak temple lays a beautiful city of Luxor. It is one of the most famous places in Egypt as it is full of history. You can arrange a private, half day tour of the city and the temples that surround it. During your trip you will visit the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Mnemnon and the Temple of Luxur – all breathtaking and stunning sites, which show how genius the ancient Egyptian’s engineering, was.

Visit the Souks

When visiting the area around the Nile, don’t miss the souks! If you love shopping, this is something to explore. Wander the streets and look for some great bargains. Normally, the front stalls offer souvenirs for high, tourist prices, but if you dig deep, you will find vendors whose rates are more local and products are of better quality.

Pay tribute to the ancient kings

Beneath the shifting sands lays a vast underground city of the dead. Kilometers of tunnels, chambers and vaults conceal the tombs of dynasty upon dynasty of ancient Egyptian kings. This complex was built throughout centuries and then laid forgotten for thousands of years. Today, thanks to technology, scientists are revealing the secrets of this ancient engineering.

You can visit this site during your cruise and take a journey back in time to pay respects to the kings of Egypt. Try to come here in the morning as the place gets crowded in no time. One ticket entitles you to visit just 3 tombs, so plan ahead and decide which graves you would like to see before you come.

Try a celebrity lifestyle

The area of the river Nile is great for sightseeing and visiting some historical places, but you can also feel like a celebrity here, too. Pay a visit to one of the famous hotels – Old Cataract Hotel of Aswan and Old Winter Palace of Luxur. These places have been meeting points for Hollywood celebrities and politicians. Come here for lunch and enjoy the luxury and splendor these hotels offer and while it might seem costly, it is sure worth it. It’s one of a kind holiday experience!

Chill out with a cup of tea and a sunset

There’s nothing better than finishing your day with a good cup of tea. After sightseeing and spending your day exploring, you can chill out and relax on the deck of your Memphis Cruise boat. Come out to the deck and sip your beverage while watching a stunning sunset over the river Nile. This view never gets boring!

There is nothing like the river Nile and there is no other holiday like a Nile Cruise. It’s a perfect choice to visit Egypt and see a bunch of sites in just a few days. There is something for everyone and if you don’t feel like doing any sightseeing, you can simply float on the river and watch the world goes by while you relax and unwind.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen