What Makes A Hotel 5-Star?

Hotel 5-Star

With the rise of social media and the internet, it’s difficult to know what makes a hotel 5 star and whether it is legitimate. The popularity of hotel comparison sites offers their own review system allowing regular people to judge the rating of the hotel rather than professional industry experts. Online you are likely to find ratings from customers rather than grades issued by a reputable organisation unless you look directly onto the hotel’s website that is.

If you find you are still stuck, take a look at our guide below which will show you what to look for in a 5 star hotel Caernarfon to make sure you are truly getting the best for your money.

The Property

On looking at the property you will know whether you have entered a 5-star hotel or not, you won’t be able to pick your jaw up from the floor. The hotel’s lobby should be immaculate with decorative furniture, artwork and even fragrant flowers to inspire all of your senses. A 5 star hotel is also likely to have amazing facilities such as a pool, a spa, gourmet restaurants and great check in facilities. Rooms will be equally as stunning, using only the top of the range bedding and linen with extreme cleanliness and even a lounge area with all of the latest technology.


Of course, for a 5 star hotel you would expect it to be aesthetically pleasing, but to gain a 5 star status you also need to ensure that the service is equally as flawless. First of all, staff should be polite, well spoken and clear, avoid slang and odd phrases, and carry themselves properly by not having their hands in their pockets or fold their arms. Staff will address you by surname wherever possible and anything you need they will be there to help straight away.

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Amenities in 5 star hotels Caernarfon are the best of the best, and include a choice of two complimentary newspapers, a welcome gift on arrival, 24 hour room service and thoughtful presentation. Additionally, if you are making use of the bar or lounge areas expect at least two types of premium quality snacks to be offered with drinks presented to a full club service.

Five Star Vs Luxury

Everyone in the industry including hotel managers, PR professionals and travel industry writers, agree that a 5 star hotel rating isn’t what it used to be. In fact, the award is sometimes designated by the hotel itself and can describe themselves as luxury as opposed to 5 star.

The fact of the matter is 4 and 5 star hotels can be equally as luxurious, however, they may differ in regards to the service given. Whilst 5 star hotels won’t charge you for extra such as 24 hour butler service or in room bar, 4 star hotels may offer the service but charge.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen