What To Consider When Booking Your Next Hotel

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Travellers in this day and age are a lot more flight-savvy than they were before; thanks to the increase in budget airlines that we have access to today, many people can finally afford to go on comfortable and convenient journeys at affordable prices. Unfortunately, finding the right hotel can be a chore, with so many different things to consider, such as travel budget, style, needs, location and so many more.

Booking the perfect hotels Llandudno takes time, research and knowing exactly what you want from your hotel. Here are some of the main points you should consider when you’re next booking a hotel.

Hotel Reviews

Whilst you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, hotel reviews on trusted websites are invaluable when choosing a hotel for your next big trip. The reviews can be helpful, but not always accurate. There will always be a few slightly miffed travellers who leave angry reviews just because they’re being difficult and extra fussy. These types of reviews can make an otherwise ideal hotel look like the worst place in the world. The best advice is to take some of the reviews with a pinch of salt, if the reviews are all mostly positive and have been for a long period of time, it’s probably a safe bet.

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Exact Location

The last thing you want on your holiday is to be making a long daily commute into the centre of the town/city. Checking the exact location of the hotel you’ve chosen is key, this will allow you to plan ahead and think about organising your days with some structure. Most hotels will have a map of their location on their websites for the convenience of their customers.

Internet Connection

In the modern age we live in, having a working internet connection is critical. Most hotels in Llandudno will provide some form of free Wi-Fi, but some will charge you to use their facilities. Check with your chosen hotel prior to booking about their arrangements in regard to Wi-Fi.

Complimentary Hotel Breakfast

Lots of people enjoy the convenience of a complimentary breakfast, this will help people to save money on their holiday food budget. Some people will always opt for a room that includes a free breakfast even if it is slightly more expensive.

Hotel Toiletries & Facilities

Arriving and finding out that your chosen hotel doesn’t provide some of the basic toiletries can result in an emergency trip to the nearest corner shop or supermarket. Additionally, if the room doesn’t come furnished with the expected items, such as a desk to do work at. It is always a good idea to contact the hotel prior to your stay in order to clarify what is going to be provided as standard in your room.

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Hotel Type

This is a big one for a lot of travellers, if you are travelling with children then always check the hotels’ family-friendly policies – it’s also worth asking about special deals for families to enjoy days out. Finding out about the hotels facilities ahead of time will also give parents the heads-up on what they need to pack in terms of entertainment for their children.

Special Discounts Or Loyalty Rewards

Everyone loves a discount or snapping up a bargain! When booking hotels it’s no surprise that people look out for those offering the best deal; sometimes this means staying with a chain that provides a loyalty scheme to customers. Booking to go away for a special holiday or occasion? Get in touch with the hotel and see if they can arrange a special deal or if they have any packages that work for your selected dates.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen