Sidekick VSC: The Game Changer Carrier

It is never easy for a small passenger car owner to carry oversized items. Never has anyone in the world thought of or eases the burden of carrying long pipes, trim, or lumber in a small car. In most cases, after purchasing these items, it forces you to dig deeper into your pocket to either pay for special services to carry the materials or find a truck. Sometimes, you resolve to make many trips with your car to try and fetch the items. Never crack your mind anymore, Sidekick Vehicle Side Carrier (VSC) brings you a smile. It makes your wrong vehicle right.

The Sidekick VSC is a unique side-mount car carrier created out of a need to haul long items that won’t fit in a Bed of a Truck or Car

Sidekick Vehicle Side Carrier (VSC) is a carrier that you mount at the side of your car to enable you to carry an oversized item. It comprises of two Z-shaped brackets that you install at the front and back door of your car, ready to haul the items. The use of these brackets is easy, and you can adjust them to fit all car doors.

What is behind Sidekick VSC innovation?

The idea of coming up with Sidekick VSC is mind-blowing. A small group of some DIY enthusiasts came together to discuss the possible ways of carrying oversized materials to their homes or at the workplaces. They had experienced tough times in organizing for transportation now and again.

As they sat down, they combined efforts by conducting thorough research that bore fruits. They found an idea and came up with the design of a product which they tested extensively before getting it into the market. Upon completion, Sidekick VSC got into the market and attracted massive clients. It was as if many people were stuck. The sales were so enormous that it became the best seller product, featuring Kevin Harrington’s TV show. DIY Enthusiasts are determined to produce more new products to solve many puzzles while satisfying their customers.

Why Sidekick VSC fits you

Unarguably, there is no second thought in choosing this carrier. You can easily mount Sidekick VSC on your car and carry it whenever and wherever you want; you can use it on any vehicle that comes into your mind since there is an allowance for you to adjust its brackets. It takes you very few minutes to assemble it: its instructions to mount and use are so simple to follow.

Sidekick VSC is installed at the passenger side to ease your movement. Its materials are light but strong and durable, it contains some cords on both sides to tie the luggage and heighten security, it has soft pads that take care of your vehicle’s finish, and it perfectly merges with your car: stows away in the trunk of your car.

There is no cause for alarm when using Sidekick VSC. As much as you get the carrier while its parts are separate, joining it is as easy as pie. It takes as low as five minutes to finish installing. We keep the mounting instructions together with the product, and they are also on our site. The instructions are straightforward: those on our website are in the form of photos and 3D videos that are easy to follow.

Save your money, save your mind, take it easy, your Sidekick Vehicle Side Carrier (VSC) is ready.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen